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Datum: 31.7. 2018

I am an extrovert who likes company of other people, likes music, likes to talk, is loud, full of energy, honest and loves sense of humour. I also love music, sport, mountains, sea, car driving and happy, optimistic people. When I was at the beginning my own lifestyle change, I stopped justifying all reasons why don’t I do anything or even more for what I want. I’ve set up a goal and went to reach it without compromise. There were people besides me who inspired me just like I inspire my fans now. They’ve tought me to love sport and what does a strong will mean. I love running from the bottom of my heart. It is not only a way how to keep myself in shape, but also sort of physical need and addiction.
About the products the most I like oat cakes Flapjack, After Training Protein, Flexit Gold Drink, Isodrinx, BCAA mega strong powder and so on. I have many favourite products, for me they are TOP of what you can find on the market these days. That is why I am honoured I’ve became your ambassador.