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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

World Junior Championship 2017

World Junior Championship 2017

Datum: 21.11. 2017

I started my competition prep for this years World Championship by the end of Summer and just like last year, I was under my own supervision, relying on my own skills of personal coach.

When I reached 97kg, I slowly started to lower mycarbohydrates income and added more training units to increase my energy outcome. I gradually reached workouts 4+1, which I found maximum I am able to recover
properly. Adjust my daily menu meant adjust also my supplementation. So, I for example replaced Compress B.I.G. with new Hydro Whey – top hydrolyzed protein, which was more than suitable for me.
Even though Summer passed quickly and I had less then one month until the competition, I was still able to keep using heavy weight as in volume prep. For me, it is 60kg dumbells I was able to do 6-8 presses on inclined bench with. Or squats with 220kg, 6-8 reps. I felt great and it was visible. Also great fat burners were very helpfull this season, Fever plus, which I used during the day or Thermobooster I used for stimulation before

I needed an objective view of my shape in prep so I decided to try competition here in Czech Republic 14 days before the World Championship itself. It was Grand Prix Pepa Opava with international competitors, so there was really quality competition and I could compare myself with others. It took place near by so all my family could come to see me. I didn’t go through the dewatering process and even though I achieved 3rd medal position.
Last 14 days after GP in Opava were really hard. I was aware of my  … … so I worked hard fully and also strictly lowered calories to burn fat. When I finished my last workout I felt happy the first part is behind me.
On Thursday afternoon, I packed my suitcase and hit the road together with 25 members of Czech representation team to Roumanian city Bistrita. We arrived after 17 hours of travelling on Friday morning and had to
wait for registration next couple of hours. It was not really enjoyable but we made it and I did get in 86kg weight category limit with height 182 cm.
The other day we arrived on the spot early in the morning. I already had 2 layers of tan on my body and third we put on before I stepped on the stage. My category was one of the first so semifinals passed quickly. Our team was supporting and cheering me up, but I didn’t know how I truly stood at that moment, because my oponents were doing great. I gave everything into the final performance and tried to represent my self the best I could and then all that’s left was wait for the results. In one moment, only one competitor from Latvia and I stayed in the backstage for the final callout. In the end I heard that golden medal goes to Czech Republic! It was amazing and one of the most moving feelings I’ve ever experienced! I became world champion for the third time!