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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Winter SPARTAN Sprint - Dolní Morava

Winter SPARTAN Sprint - Dolní Morava

Datum: 20.1. 2017

On 14th of January 2017 NUTREND team participated for the very first time in one out of seven outdoor races for this year. The aim was not to win, but enjoy the atmosphere, which is always amazing during events like this! And NUTREND team members' feelings?

The atmosphere was amazing from the beginning to the end! Competitors stopped us even while tanking at the stations during our journey to Dolní Morava. They wanted to take photos with us and we were glad we could share supplements given to us especially for this race! And this was it, to show those people products, which are used by professional athletes for similar races.

The organisation itself was perfect and welcomed everyone from the beginning. We both started in the interval of the Elite Athlete stage, which means at 9:00 and 9:15 as the Other intervals were already full. The exact time of our stage starts we always release a couple days before the race, so you have time to find out where we are and This is information mainly for those, who want to compete in the same interval and have fun with us during the whole run.
But back to the run itself. The temperature fell from -3°C to -10°C. But what is typical for every race that is of an extreme gradient at the beginning, which was not just long, but with all the snow also very hard to run up as The surface was very slippery. The foot trail leading upwards to the clouds just took everyone's breath away! It was absolutely stunning! The frost all around us made everyone feel like we were running in a fairy tail And right on the top it was time to take our supplements, which was a Combination of NUTREND N1 SHOT and Carbosnack which literally filled us with energy and running down was easy and fast. We did not have any problems with obstacles except missing a target with a snowball and Hanka had to do a penalty of burpees and hanging circles, but it happened even to the best runners. And beyond the finish line there we found a great atmosphere again, hot tea and a beautiful medal waiting for us!

We can absolutely say this Event was amazing and we are looking to the next one, which will be held on 18th of February 2017 in Svit (Slovakia), and we are also looking forward to everyone, who wants to compete with us and the NUTREND team.


Video: Nutrend Team on Winter Spartan Race Sprint – Dolní Morava, 14 1 2017