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Wafer vs. Energy bar

Wafer vs. Energy bar

Datum: 14.4. 2021

What you eat before the start will influence all your performance. Biscuits filled or covered with chocolate contain fats, others are high in fibre, which can cause considerable intestinal issues during the activity. Also a high glycemic index can lead to undesirable hypoglycemia.

Quick energy before the race

Due to burdening our body with digestion, we should not consume any larger meal at least 2 hours before the race. But what can we do not to feel hungry before the performance? We may bring a light snack, ideally a carbohydrate foodstuff with a low glycemic index that is easy to digest and that will gradually supply the energy necessary for our performance. Just before the training, it is suitable to consume only 30 – 50 g of carbohydrates to improve our performance as this amount should not significantly affect our insulin production. How can we do it

Common way – a wafer

Of course we may say that not all wafers are the same. Firstly we should avoid all wafers that are covered or filled with chocolate because these are high in fat and they would unnecessarily burden our digestion. Others may be high in fibre but that might cause intestine discomfort during sports activities. Also, high glycemic index may cause fluctuations of blood sugar due to the overbalance of simple sugars that may lead to unwanted hypoglycaemia. 

Our recommended way – VOLTAGE 

Voltage is a cereal oat flakes bar. This bar has got a low glycemic index and releases energy gradually thanks to palatinose. Furthermore, it contains vitamins C and E that protect our body from oxidative stress, and zinc that supports our immune system and helps with normal protein synthesis. Voltage bar is suitable for energy supply before and during long-lasting physical activities. It is a practical uncoated energy bar that comes in four great flavours.