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Not even the best equipment and not even regular and fair training will help us if we do not provide our body with the much-needed energy for the performance. Doing sport without power is the same as cycling with a punctured tyre or running without shoes. For maximum performance, everything must be 100%, and we need to supply our body with energy. It can be added through liquids, in the form of energy gels, bars or shots. Just choose whatever our body needs at the moment and what form we currently prefer.
The NUTREND company is a market leader in sports nutrition and food products for an active lifestyle. We own advanced technology and thousands of square metres of production and warehouse space and our broad portfolio and its focus have no competition in the market. Our offer is divided into three divisions: Bodybuilding, Endurance and Active Lifestyle. In 2018 NUTREND celebrated 25 years of successful operation on the Czech and foreign markets and significantly expanded its premises. The timeless administrative building with offices, shops and training facilities was expanded by hundreds of square metres of factory buildings, warehouses and offices. The NUTREND company also continues expanding abroad; it currently exports its products to nearly 60 countries.
A broad portfolio of products, the latest technology, an uncompromising commitment to quality and education – this is what makes NUTREND one of the leading European producers of nutritional supplements for sport and active lifestyles. The top quality of our products has been confirmed not only by professional athletes whose performance and career are dependent on supplements, but also by the Anti-Doping Committee of the Czech Republic and millions of satisfied customers.


If you add up all the benefits of the VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE energy bar and add to that the dose of caffeine contained in one cup of coffee, you will get a bar with a great deal of energy.
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If you add up all the benefits of the VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE energy bar and add to that the dose of caffeine contained in one cup of coffee, you will get a bar with a great deal of energy. This makes VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE WITH CAFFEINE fuel for a hard-working body and at the same time it encourages brain stimulation and improves your concentration. VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE WITH CAFFEINE contains a variety of sources of carbohydrate, among which you can find disaccharide isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM), which stands out because of its low glycemic index (GI 32). The bar is also enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E, which, together with zinc, help to protect cells from oxidative stress. VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE combines a great taste and a perfect form of energy!
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • zinc
  • caffeine
Intended for: energy supply during performance. VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE fi lls the stomach but does not burden your digestive tract.
  • coffee
Recommended dosage: for energy supplementation before andduring prolonged physical activity
Warning: Bar enriched with vitamins and caffeine. Contains caffeine – not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing women.. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age! Store in a dry place, at the temperature not exceeding 25 °C and away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Producer is not liable for anydamage caused by improper use or storage. Once opened, the product is intended for immediate consumption.

VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE WITH CAFFEINE: glucose syrup, fructose-glucose syrup, peanuts, cream with hazelnut flavour (sugar, vegetable fat, whey, roasted hazelnuts, cocoa, emulsifier soy lecitnhin, aroma), oat bran, rice-potato extrudate (rice, mashed potatoes, sugar, wheat fibre, red beet), dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa, emulsifier soy lecithin), rice flour, PalatinoseTM - isomaltulose (a source of fructose and glucose), soy flakes, vegetable fat (palm, palm kernel, shea), dried milk, emulsifier rape lecithin, wetting agent glycerine, antioxidant additive (E-306, E-304, E-300), aroma, caffeine, zinc gluconate, preservative sorbic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E.

The product contains allergens soy, milk, gluten, nuts, and peanuts. May contain traces of sesame.


  100 g 1 bar – 65 g
Energy value 1642 kJ/391 kcal 1067 kJ/254 kcal
Fat 14,3 g 9,3 g
   of which saturated fatty acids 5 g 3,3 g
Carbohydrate 56,5 g 36,7 g
   of which sugars 25,4 g 16,5 g
Fibre 3,8 g 2,5 g
Protein 7,4 g 4,8 g
Salt 0,1 g 0,07 g
Vitamin C 19 mg = 24 % * 12 mg = 15 % *
Vitamin E 3 mg = 25 % * 2 mg = 17 % *
Zinc 4 mg = 40 % * 2,6 mg = 26 % *
Caffeine  93 mg 60 mg
* Reference intake    
  • Bar - 65 g
  • Dïsplay - 25 x 65 g 

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