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Valerija Slapnik - SAN MARINO 2017

Valerija Slapnik - SAN MARINO 2017

Datum: 27.11. 2017

This was my first competition after recovery from my though knee dislocation in the begining of this year and I couldn't wait to step on stage again. And also it was the first time ever stepping on stage under the NPC league.

I came to Arena in the morning a bit nervous but excited and as always the first thing I checked was the schedule. I found out that bikinis are on stage almost at the end of the show, which meant waiting for couple of hours. 9 hours later, I was finally on stage of Olympia San Marino and it felt good. The stage was really glorious and great atmosphere from the audience was really motivating once you stepped there. I came into finals in my category and took 4th place. I'm happy and I always learn new things to improve. I was really satisfied with my upper body improvement from last year, but I know I need to trim down my legs even more for bikini standards.

My plan for next year/season is to enjoy fitness lifestyle, develop improvement and attend competitions. Now, I'm off to eat my DELUXE protein bar in Chocolate SACHER flavour!