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Valerija Slapnik and Luka Pasič China trip - Shanghai - FIBO 2018

Valerija Slapnik and Luka Pasič China trip - Shanghai - FIBO 2018

Datum: 23.8. 2018

That feeling when you find out you're invited to China with the Nutrend company. I have been a part of Nutrend for almost a year now, Luka for half a year, and they enabled us to travel and grow with them, and for that we are so grateful!

After around 10 hours of flight, 2 hours with train, we finally came to city Jinan, where Nutrend China has their headquarters. When we came, they drove us to the hotel, which was traditionaly in China style. After we settled down, we went to their local gym, and had a late evening workout. There were people watching us how we train, and asked us for some pictures. After workout it was time for some Chineese food, and it was actually totally different taste then we have here in Europe. Sometimes we even didn't know what we were eating. But as long as it was protein – it was good haha.
We woke up early and went to the same gym as the day before. We had half of a day photoshooting with Nutrend China in their clothes and Nutrend products. We enjoyed in that, because also Luka made some photos and videos, which is something he love to do. All his photos and videos are also posted on instagram at @nutrendbodybuilding in story highligts and posts. After shooting, we had first seminar in the same gym. I was pretty nervous, because it was my very first one in English, but at the end everything went really good. I introduced myself, showed some exercises for shoulders, told them which of Nutrend supplements I'm using on a daily basis, and made some pics with fans. Luka was documenting everything on Nutrend Instagram.
This day way pretty much same as previous one, only the location was on a different place. It was called Chivilary-7 gym. This gym was more modern and we had photoshooting there with another seminar. I showed some bikini posing and also had a lesson with some of the girls.
We woke up at 5 in the morning, because we needed to catch a train to Shanghai. After 5-6 hours we came there and settled in the nice hotel called Mercury NECC hotel. We were all pretty tired but went to a workout session to city center. It's really interesting how people there are fascinated of your workout programme and everything included. They stopped in the middle of their exercise just to watch you, and make a video during your workout. They for sure respect athletes and healthy lifestyle.
DAY 5, 6, 7

Wow! The location of trade-show in Shanghai is soooo big, you can easily get lost there, just to find the location of FIBO 

After we arrived, we found our booth, which was expanded in 2 locations. One was for supplements, with stage and big screen behind – they were showing all Nutrend athletes for whole 3 days. And another booth was for their own clothing line. I don't even need to mention, I almost couldn't get back home, because my luggage was totally full with all their clothes!!

Luka was running up and down, to put as much as happening from the expo into videos and photos.

There was also Karolina with us (from Nutrend activelifestyle) who is trampoline jumping instructor, and we had every day some workout on trampolines there with her. Oh gosh, I thought that would be easy, but I was out of my breath for 10 minutes later. I recommend you this workout, especially Karolina's lessons if you live nearby.

We came home each day after 5pm, and after we went to gym, or just went to the bed, because we were tired and the time difference also made it's thing.
DAY 8, 9
Me and Luka were taking 2 more days in Shanghai to explore the city, and we went to The Bund, where there is 2nd biggest building in the world - Shanghai tower. It is around 632m tall and in the night looks even more amazing! We wanted to go up for a drink, but I don't know why – all the taxi drivers we were asking to drive us there, were like »no no no no drive«. And then something in Chinese.
So, at the end we just didn't go there, but watched amazing building from across the river.
This was our experience throughout the days, and we were really impressed by the warmness of the people, how they treated us – they brought us food every 3 hours  - and that means clean food, and every evening they drove us to restaurant. People there are so nice and polite, surrounding is amazing, it's moderen and traditional as well, we would definitely be so happy to go back there!

Dakujem Nutrend for this opportunity! Krasne to bilo!
Luka Pašič and Valerija Slapnik