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Valerija Slapnik

Valerija Slapnik

Datum: 7.11. 2017

Discipline: Bikini Fitness
Team: NUTREND Team

Best result:

  • King & Queen of the beach Croatia overall 2015 
  • Miss FIBO POWER BEAUTY overall 2016 
  • National overall champion 2016 
  • International Austria Championship overall 2016 
  • 3. place Diamond Cup Slovakia 2016 

My start and first success
I started with working out in gym in 2013 and my first competition was in 2014, where I wasn't good at all. I learned from my own failure and made the best of it; I changed my diet, workouts and supplements and in the next show I took 2nd place, which was International championship Maxximum open 2014, then I took several 1st places and overalls in next year and also attended Diamond cup, where I took 3rd place and I was very satisfied with it.

Why Did You Start to Use NUTREND?

I always knew good quality supplements are really important to help your muscles grow better and to recover well, I have tried NUTREND several times in past and I really liked how I felt after. Especially N1 preworkout, and some protein bars, which helped me during my preparations. That's why I decited to use only NUTREND supplements from now, because I want to treat my body the best way possible.

How Do The NUTREND Products Can Help You In Sport?
I believe in show prep the supplements are very important, because of the lack of vitamins and minerals during diet. It's very important to take quality and the right supplements for good regeneration and to develop the best body you wish for.

What Is Your Favourite NUTREND Product And Which One Do You Use The Most?
I crave for DELUXE bars, especially during my diet, because of their taste and good facts. My favourite flavour is cinnamon roll. I love the new HYDRO WHEY taste chocolate. It's always on my menu in the morning with oats and after workout.

Where and how often do you practice?
I train in gym 5-6 times per week, depends of my show prep. I also do outdoor workout especially in the summer, when I believe no one has motivation to do a workout in gym, and I really enjoy doing it outside instead.

How Do You Prepare Yourself For Contest?
It literally depends on how I look before I start cutting for show. I do more workouts per week, sometimes also twice a day. And I add more cardio (3 times per week in the morning) then I see how my body changes from week to week and I adjust my diet plan.

What Is Your Motivation For Training?

My motivation is me. I always want to chalenge myself, I want to be better than yesterday and that's what keeps me follow my goals. Of course I have days, when I don't feel working out, and I take a day/two of rest. It's better to rest your body and soul than creating a hate for workouts. That's my opinion.

Can You Describe Your Best Contest?

My best contest was Diamond Cup Slovakia 2016. Not because of the placement I took (3rd place), but because it was my first show I went to without my coach, who is also my boyfriend and motivator. At that time he was attending reality show Survivor and I didn't hear anything from him for more than 1 month, and I was all on my own, my biggest wish was to make him proud. I made him proud but all in all I made myself even stronger and better.

What Are Your Goals?
I would be lying, if I say I don't wish for PRO card. I am doing all I can in gym and diet, and I know I can get one, one day. If we are dedicated, positive and motivated, I believe all we wish for, can become reality. So, never stop fighting for what you wish for!