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Valeria Ammirato

Valeria Ammirato

Datum: 18.5. 2018

Name and surname: Valeria Ammirato
Instagram: valeria_ammirato
Facebook: Valeria Ammirato IFBB Bikini Pro

Best results:
2011 German Champion 1st Place
2012 Miss Olympia Amateur Prague 1st Place
2013 World Champion Ukraine 1st Place
2016 Bikini Pro Dennis James Classic Arizona - 1st Place
2016 Olympian Las Vegas 16‘ Place
What is your life motto?
„In life be a warrior, not a worrier.“
My start and first success?
2011 – German Championship, 1st place.
Why did you start to use NUTREND products?
Because of the variety of the products and high quality.
How do the NUTREND products help you in your sport?
They give me the necessary nutrients that I can’t absorb just with food and the extra portion of energy to reach my limit.
​What is your favourite NUTREND product and which one do you use most often?  ​
Where and how often do you practice?
I do a mix between outdoor and gym workout, for me it is very important to look how I have to look for competitions but to have a very good endurance, too.
​How do you prepare yourself for a contest?
​I need usually 3 month for a good competition prep, I usually follow a keto diet. That‘s the best way for me to lose weight and feel fit in the same time. I start my day every day with one hour morning cardio and in the afternoon 1 hour of workout with weights. Nutrend vitamins and supplements help me a lot to feel always fit and strong during my diet.
Do you remember your best competition?
I had a lot of amazing experience on stage but I think one of the best feelings was when I won the World Championship because I knew that would mean the PRO card for me! So it was not just the title of a world champion but also a free pass for my next goal!
Has this experience influenced you somehow?
It has motivated me a lot and made me even more hungry for more!
​What is your motivation for training?
A better version of me, me in the future, or the question „what can I still achieve?“ That motivates me more than to compare myself with a person I can never be.
What are your goals?
I have a lot of goals and some of them are in a different division ;-) but soon more about it! And of course to reach and help many people with my lifestyle and theory of a healthy life!