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Valči's bikini competition prep

Valči's bikini competition prep

Datum: 29.10. 2018

I'm not done yet! Preparing for another competition, which will be in Venice (Italy) from 30. 11. - 2. 12. 2018. So, counting days, counting macros .

I'm now around 5,5 weeks out. I will write a bit about my preparation for this competition in this article.
How my prep looks like?
I do 5 times a week cardio in the morning, around 30-40 minutes, during it I'm drinking L-carnitine activity drink with caffeine. After cardio, I do twice a week also ab workout with 3 different exercises of 4 sets with 15-20 reps. After that, I drink my protein shake, with 30g of Hydro Whey chocolate + half avocado + 50g of frozen berries.

In the afternoon I go to gym again, to do weight lifting six times a week. I'm doing lighter weights with more reps now, and my workouts for now are still split on upper body or lower body. Before training I drink new Fat Direct SHOT (preworkout + fatburner in one shot), which gives me extra energy and I sweat way more than usually. Because I finish late in afternoon with my workout, my meal after it is the last one in my day – dinner. I eat different types of salad. Normally, it is a green salad with chicken or tuna, and a bit of olive oil. Each week my calories will go a bit lower, but never that much that my health would be on a line.

Why competition?
As I mentioned before a lot of times, this is a lifestyle for me, and something challenging each time. I like to see what my body is capable of, if I'm determinated and focused on my goals. I enjoy in this process and I feel healthy and happy with the way I live. I've never lost my period during my prep. And thats what's important for me. Healthy lifestyle.