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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Tomáš Tvrdík

Tomáš Tvrdík

Datum: 10.11.2017

Discipline: Extreme obstacle race OCR / Spartan Race
Best Results:
Czech Republic Champion in OCR, vice-champion in team Spartan race, European Champion in team Spartan race, European vice-champion in team OCR race, all 2017.

Describe your start and first success:
I run my first OCR race in May 2016 without any special training before. Due to my rich sport past (mountain cycling, fitness, strongman), I didn’t place so badly and extreme obstacle races became my passion. I started to adjust everything in my life to sport. Workouts helped me to place in first top 10 and top 5 by the end of Summer and also to qualify myself for Spartan Race World Championship. End of the season brought medal positions – two placings on 2nd place at Gladiator Race and Predator Race. Season 2016, I finished with  victory of Predator race in Prague.

What is your experience with the NUTREND company and its products?
I find the NUTREND company as top producer of food supplements and I know, from my prewious cycling carrier, when NUTREND used to sponsor our team, that they have very quality products, which can help with all the specification diet of top athletes requires.

How does your prep for a race look like?

My trainings vary every time. Running is of course fundamental, even with obstacles, we still talk about running races. Thanks to these obstacles, which play really important role in this kind of race, it is not possible to train only running. Because the race requires long endurance periods, I include cycling, in-line skating or cross-country skiing into my trainings. I build my strenght mostly on workout playground or obstacles created according to those in real Spartan race. I don’t avoid classic gym workouts, so my training is always different and various. One can choose different workout every day and just won’t get bored.

What about your goals?

I reached one of my goals by becoming Czech Republic champion in OCR. Now, I focus my prep on individual medal positions at Europe Championship and World Championship.

Why did you choose this kind of sport?
OCR/Spartan race fascinates me mainly bacause of its universality. You have to be complex athlete to be successful in this discipline. You have to be capable of very quality endurance performance but don’t forget the strenght as inseparable part of every race. Balance and sleight are important, too, your body has to work all together and it is also skill to use in everyday life. Different workouts, universality and functioning of your body as a unit, which is necessary for OCR races, is what I like about it the most.

How does your diet look like?
My diet is adjusted to big energy outcome and the need of fast quality nutrients refill, that’s why I can’t go without food supplements, which make your care of daily nutrients income much easier. But basically, I am trying to keep a rule of lowering carbohydrate income during the day. In the morning carbs create the most of my meal, for lunch, I am decreasing them and in the afternoon and evening I preffer proteins. Of course, it is necessary to adjust it depending on when one trains, so after afternoon workout, I do refill carbohydrates, even if it is not according to prewious rule.

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