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The third place of the KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team in the Mountain Bike World Cup in Nove Mesto

The third place of the KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team in the Mountain Bike World Cup  in Nove Mesto

Datum: 20.5. 2021

For the first time in history the men's KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team took the third place in the team classification in the Mountain Bike World Cup. This incredible success was achieved by Ondrej Cink, who reached the finishing line in Nove Mesto in Czech Republic as fourth, and Bartłomiej Wawak, who finished in 12th place. Maja Włoszczowska had a slightly worse day, she finished the elite women's race in the 27th place.

It was the second edition of the World Cup in Nové Město in Moravě. After a week of rain, today the sun finally came out, but the route of the race was very slippery, and the cyclists had to cope with mud. This required from them extraordinary skills and the highest technique, especially on some climbs. The slippery roots and the mud were quite a challenge for all riders fighting for the best places today. The riders of KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team rode a very good race today, Bartłomiej Wawak achieved his life success, taking the twelfth place. Ondrej Cink finished the race in the fourth place. 

- I am very happy with the results during this weekend, the equipment worked very well, we had no problems, we chose the gear ratios and tires very well. This is a historic result for Poland and for the Polish KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team with two riders on KROSS bikes finishing in the top fifteen - said Kornel Osicki, Team Manager of  KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team, right after the race. 

In the women's race today Maja Włoszczowska had a worse day. As she said, she did not feel the best today, and although she gave her best, she reached the finishing line in the twenty-seventh place.