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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Summer Games 2018 (Pescara, Italy) by Renato Gigant Concolino:

Summer Games 2018 (Pescara, Italy) by Renato Gigant Concolino:

Datum: 13.8. 2018

For public, incredibly atractive and interesting one-day competition on the beach. For competitors, hell on Earth and fight for survival.

Registration and briefing was held on Saturday. On Sunday morning it all started, emergency 100% ready. Awesome 40°C all day. All competition was held on a beach and when you wanted to jump into the sea after workout to refresh yourself, you almost got burned because of the water hot just like when you make yourself a tea. Well, about the competition itself.. There were 3 workouts + finals. 1st WOD was condition, 2nd strenght and 3rd classic metcon. Finals were 100m swimming and 5 rounds of 10 thrusters with 70kg, 5 burpee muscle ups and legless rope climbing. In elite category, there were 70 competitiors and for me this competition ended with 3rd place! Despite great atmosphere, background, fun, several gaveaway t-shirts, pictures and signatures I considered I won't visit seaside for longer time.