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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)



Datum: 10.10. 2017

One of the thoughest Spartan Races this year. Only Ultra Beast in Valčianska Dolina in Slovakia was more difficult. Weather was terrible, especially for those, who came on track after 12 o’clock (about 90% racers), the temperature did not exceed 8°C and rain brought cold straight into our bones.

And the track? At the beginning very enjoyable: slight uphill runs in woods, easy obstacles, but that finished with cold bath in a river with temperature around 10°C in which you had to swim 30 meters and back. Who did not want to swim, could do 120 burpees and another 30 for memory test. Because in the middle, there was 8digit code you had to remember. So 99% of people went swimming and 99% of people for sure experienced the feeling of freezing lungs. Shock from the cold was not an exception and gentlemen on boats had a lot to do. I, myself, also helped one lady to reach lifeguards, because she was not able to swim.
Ater that, classic run in lowland followed with obstacles such as rope climbing, monkey bars, spear throw .. classics, first third of the trace took just 60 burpees, because I was good in balance obstacles, but spear and slippery monkey bars were not that easy. Somewhere far you could see Ještěd but one would never guess that the track would lead there. So, the first run on the hill top and then jumping down was the easiest part. Downhill again. Those downhill runs became harmfull for everyone’s knees. But the main part came afterwards. Climbing up on a jumping bridge felt like neverending cardio session on StairMaster in a gym. A chance to overtake someone was unreal and one pace was just given. Uphill and downhill runs over and over again and right next to you there could be seen a group of 50 people waiting for the sandback obstacle for 15 minutes. You had to carry it up the black slope, 400 – 500 meters. The hill was so steep you had to use hands to get there. Rain and mud made it a slide and falls became unseparable part while going down. Organizers managed a lot of ambulances to wait under the hill, because here a lot of people ended the race for the exhaustion and cold.
I wanted to gather all the team together on this place and wait. Unfortunately the weather and fear of rigid muscles made us continue. Finish was far and we had to go through obstacles like rope climbing, the wall or heavy buckets full of stones.  Last kilometre and one had to swim in completely muddy river and then hooray to reach the finish line. But there were no hugs or taking pictures afterwards, we were so frozen! Right after we got our medals, we ran to change clothes and get warm.
Well, the rain did not let us go out and make some pictures together, so we made it up the next day.
As the Adventure NUTREND Team capitain I have to thank to all members! We all finished the regional trifecta. It was so hard, all the bruises and feelings of exhaustion, but it all worth it! One will never uderstand utill he experience it!
AROO, AROO, AROO, NUTREND Adventure team. See you next year on the track.
Best, Michal Kulštejn