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Soňa a Michal - RUNNING2

Soňa a Michal - RUNNING2

Datum: 31.7. 2018

We are two running maniacs, who met each other during Prague Halfmarathon, and also got married there. Running is our lifestyle, our hobby and we write our blog about it. Soňa works as editor and Michal is IT consultant and editor.
Soňa: Running turned my life upside down. Thanks to it I am healtier, happier, satisfied. I have been doing what I love, I‘ve met Michal and many interesting people. I’ve started to run because of an article I had to write about it, and because it was under professional leadership, I could avoid beginners‘ mistakes so it went well straight from the beginning.
Michal: I was taken by the freedom while running. When I after years of doing nothing needed to do something with my health I found running so simple. I’ve just took my shoes and went out. Beginning was not that easy, but when I met new people we were trying to overdo each other every month which motivated me. With time it became sure thing and now I can’t be without running.