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Roadshow Prague 2018

Roadshow Prague 2018

Datum: 19.3. 2018

A week from 12th to 16th March 2018 we spent on the first part of our Roadshow 2018 in the capital city of the Czech Republic. We visited 9 fitness centers - from really hardcore gym such as Spartan Gym to one of the biggest fitness centers Daily Fitness Na Příkopě.

Atmosphere was amazing in every place we came to. Every gym lover who came by got EVOQ protein bar for free. You could also meet NUTREND Team members - Jakub Prchal, junior classic bodybuilding champion, Vašek NOID Bárta, famous Czech singer, musical actor and producer, and Olga Šípková, world and European champion in sport aerobic.
Everyone could join our challenge and win EVOQ collection. This challenge was real success even though everyone felt quite shy at first but then the "fight" brought cheers and excitement. Participants should have stayed in squat position as long as possible. Even the record was beaten - the oldest participant did incredible 5:15 minutes! That's how a gentleman in age of my grandpa has beaten much younger guys!!
Come to beat it - Next stop - Olomouc!