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Datum: 15.3. 2017

Over 200 thousand visitors passed through tourniquets of the 3rd year IWF Shanghai EXPO 2017.

An incredible 45,000 square meters where visitors could watch or try the newest trends from the world of fitness and healthy lifestyle. There the NUTREND company were among 400 exhibitors due to the cooperation with Jinan Sibote company, which is the exclusive distributor of NUTREND products in China and so our brand was presented in the land of the Dragon for the very first time.
Three days of programmes at the NUTREND stand started with a press conference, where the owner of Jinan Sibote company was present and our athletes Benjamin Radic and Michelle Heuts were introduced to the Chinese audience. It was a premiere for them in China. „I am so excited about everything around me, people are great, food is great, I am absolutely happy here“, this is what Benjamin with a big smile on his face said about his first impression.
NUTREND Chinese ambassadors were introduced during the official opening headed by Mr. Lu, one of the most successful Chinese bodybuilders and then everything was ready for the show. Proteins (100% Whey Protein, Deluxe 100%), unrivalled preworkout N1 or BCAA MEGASTRONG tastings, it was just a piece of what NUTREND fans could experience at our stand. Visitors could test their physique under professional‘ supervision during a deadlift or a squat hold contest and many more.
Thousands of photos with fans, countless numbers of signed cards, catalogues, hats or photo shooting in Shanghai Tower,the second highest building of the world (632meters). This is what our athletes experienced during these unforgettable three days in Chinese metropolis. Visibly exhausted after every day but always with smiles on their faces they’ve rated our mission to China as one of the best experiences in their career. „It is incredible! I can barely walk at the end of the day but when someone comes and asks for a photo I just can’t say NO. People here are absolutely great, the atmosphere is amazing, I am really thrilled about Shanghai“, added obviously excited Michelle Heuts.
Shainghai EXPO was successful in all ways, which confirmed even Mr. Li, the owner of Jinan Sibote company, with his own words „This is just a beginning!“
All that’s left now is to look forward to another Chinese mission, which is going to take place at the end of June in Peking.