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Datum: 20.7. 2017

RAW food does not belong among the newest trends in nutrition field, but for someone it can be interesting trend, which is easy to get inspired with. The begin of RAW food, as we know it these days, date in 19th century.

I believe, that ancient civilizations used this kind of nutrition, but in that case it was propably nature form of food without possibility to choose, than clear purpose of raw food consumption.
With this, the essence of RAW food was revealed „Fruitarians,“ as confessors of this lifestyle call themselves, are in their diet focused on nature food sources, which were not heat treated. They are primarily focused on vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds or other kinds of dried sea weed and nevertheless they proudly call their diet ‚lifefood.‘ The processing of RAW materials has to be very considerate and eventual heat proces should not exceed 45°C. Here, we can include probably only drying of nature kinds of berries. Other way of heat treatment as cooking, baking, frying or other modern kitchen magic are not acceptable in this lifestyle.
The reason of RAW diet for „fruitarians“ is often a fear of losing natural nutrients in food, which was heat treated. They refer to a fact, that the influence of high temperature makes changes in molecular structure and partly, there may come to some vitamins and minerals decrease. Opponents against fruitarians object, that due to expanding industry there can, in vegetable sources, can be found heavy metals and mildew.
Part of the thruth is probably on both sides, but it is clear, that adding RAW food into our daily menu is advisable and beneficial for the body. To help you with the right choice of RAW food and to make sure you have it still with you, we made new products, that fulfill RAW food conditions. We introduce RAW BAR, full of dried fruit, and RAW SEEDS bar containing added seeds full of benefficial unsaturated fats. These new NUTREND bars are great and have a lot of benefits. They do not contain any conservants, additives or milk and added sugar.
RAW BAR bars are in 50 g package and you can find them in these flavours:
  • cashew+apple
  • fig+papaya
  • cocoa+hazelnut
  • cococa+cranberry
  • apricot+almond
RAW SEEDS bars are also in 50 g package and you can find them in these flavours:
  • pineapple+ginger
  • fig+black rowan
  • plum+goji