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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Petr Vabroušek

Petr Vabroušek

Datum: 24.2. 2014

As a little child I didn´t like sport too much. But my wise parents signed me and my brothers in a rowing club in Otrokovice where I found out how beautiful sport can be. Later, I decided to change rowing for triathlon. I tried it for the first time when I was 16, for four years combined both – rowing and triathlon – and then finally decided for triathlon. At the age of 19, I got my first professional contract as an Olympic track racer and when I was 26, I got my first experience with the Ironman race. I was absolutely fascinated by it and since that moment I have been devoted only to it. Till now, I have taken part in more than 150 races (all of them as a professional, including 14 races in World Championship in Hawaii). In the Czech Republic and Slovakia I have never lost in these races. I also participate in some cycling and running contests.

Date of birth:  27. 9. 1973

Height: 180 cm 

Weight:  77 – 80 kg

Discipline: Ironman, triathlon, duathlon, marathon, mountain ultramarathon 

Team: Trilife Zlín


Instagram: @petrvabrousek 


Best result201 completed races on the Ironman track, of which 47 victories


1st place Ultraman Czech (10-424-85km), world record 21:16

2nd place Doksyrace půlironman

1st place Swimrun Slapy (final of Czech Swimrun Tour)

1st place Triathlon Estonia Ironman distance

4th place Pálavarace (ČP in long triathlon)

1st place Slovak Championship in Ironman Piešťany

2nd place Backwaterman swimrun (Austria)

4th place MČR in the long triathlon Otrokovice

1st place Manager triathlon Jedovnice (MTB sprint triathlon)

1st place Pressburg triathlon Bratislava (middle triathlon)

4th place Czechman triathlon (CP in long triathlon)

1st place Sprint triathlon Open Brno

3rd place Tour de Spa Luhačovice (10km running + 10km scooter)

6th place Challenge Ironman Taiwan

2nd place Zlín marathon

2nd place World Marathon Challenge (7-7-7)

2nd place Miami Marathon (USA)

2nd place Santiago Marathon (Chile)

2nd place Madrid Marathon (Spain)

2nd place Dubai Marathon (UAE)

2nd place Perth Marathon (AUS)

2nd place Cape Town Marathon (South Africa)

2nd place Antarctic Marathon (Antarctica)

1st place Ironman Sahara (Algeria)


3rd place MS Ultraman Hawaii (USA)

5th place Ironstar Sochi (Ironman Russia)

3rd place Doksyrace (half-iron)

1st place Swimrun Slapy CR (23km)

14th place WC Swimrun Sweden (75km)

1st place Swimrun Sweden (35km)

1st place Mountain challenge Jeseníky, 38km, 1550m elevation gain. The first team race with his son Filip.

3rd place Slovak Championship Ironman Piešťany

1st place Championship of Slovakia in the middle triathlon Bátovce

1st place Hulmen triathlon (Triseries, 500-30-6)

4th place Pálavarace (ČP in long triathlon)

3rd place MČR in long triathlon teams

5th place in the Moravian Triathlon long triathlon

2nd place Swimrun France, long distance (42km)

5th place Swimrun France, sprint (11km)

3rd place MČR in the middle triathlon teams

9th place in the Czechman middle triathlon

3rd place MČR in long duathlon teams (Krušnoman)

8th place Trimotion Triathlon Saalfelden, Austria (1-100-10km)

2nd place Triathlon North Africa (Ironman Algeria)

7th place Israman Eilat (Ironman Israel)


1st place Kangaroo Island Sufferfest Ironman, Australia

2nd place Winterman (extreme Ironman)

5th place Austrian Championship in Ironman Podersdorf

1st place MČR in half-iron teams Žďár n. Sázavou

5th place MČR in half-railway Pilman

7th place Ironman Canada (Mont Tremblant)

1st place Slovak Championship in Ironman Piešťany

3rd place Pálava race (ČP in long triathlon)

3rd place MČR in Ironman Otrokovice

2nd place Račice interval half-iron

5th place Challenge Taiwan Ironman

2nd place WORLD MARATHON CHALLENGE overall ranking:

2nd place Antarctic marathon (Union Glacier)

2nd place Chile Marathon (Punta Arenas)

2nd place USA marathon (Miami)

2nd place Spain marathon (Madrid)

5th place Morocco marathon (Marrakech)

3rd place Dubai Marathon (Dubai)

2nd place Australia Marathon (Sydney)