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Petr Plaček

Petr Plaček

Datum: 15.5.2018

I’ve started working out when I was 21 years old. It’s been 16 years now. I haven’t started because I wanted to compete, but only for myself. My generation was influenced by idols of that time such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Silvester Stalone, J. C. Van D. and so on.

I started without any experience with right nutrition and food supplements, I just wanted to feel physicaly better. I also have quite physicaly difficult job so I’ve always worked out according to my personal preferences. I make roofs and a huge disadvantage of this job is that I can’t be heavy. I try to workout mainly to be able to keep myself in shape all year long. In next 10 years, since the day I’ve started, I began to eat right and use food supplements because I wanted to reach better and better results. It is also important to mention my injury – pectoralis major rupture, which caused me chest asymmetry. It had been bothering me for long time and I also started to suffer with shoulder pain. Suddenly I couldn‘t see a meaning in all the hard work because I couldn’t look as I wanted to. But I didn’t give up and that’s why I underwent a difficult surgery, from which I have still been recovering but keep working.
Why have you started to use NUTREND products?
I like when any products in general have tradition and a good name. I believe it has straight influence on the product quality which in collaboration with athletes can get better and develop. I am convinced that NUTREND company fulfills all of this and I am glad to be a member of the NUTREND team.
How do NUTREND products help you?
Heavy workouts are huge stress for all body – we all know that it is not only about muscles but also joints, bones, organs and physical condition in general. It is necessary to refuel the body with all nutrients, minerals and
vitamins so your organism has a source to take from. Without that you will never achieve good results.
What is your favourite product?
My favourite is N1pre-workout because it has immediate effect. After all day spent in physically difficult job this product comes in handy. Every time I make order I look forward to all products because each of them helps me on my journey. It is my lifestyle. However I use various protein powders the most.
How often do you work out?
I go to the gym 4 times a week. When it is sunny weather I use advantage of it and go outside cycling, in-line skating or speedwalking with my dog.
What is your motivation?
I don’t want this to sound selfish, but the best motivation for me is when I can see results and progress on myself. The more my body changes the more I want to be better and better or at least be able to keep this shape for long time. I think one shouldn’t compare himself with anyone at all. Yes, rate someone positively, but comparing make people unhappy with being themselves. We do it for ourselves not anyone else.
What about your future goals?
As I mentioned above, I am after chest muscle surgery so even if I wanted to prepare myself for a fitness contest I know it wouldn’t be success and that is why it can’t become my goal. But it doesn’t bother me. My goal is to keep myself in good shape and be happy with where I am.