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Pavel Szotkowski - EVLS Prague Showdown 2017

Pavel Szotkowski - EVLS Prague Showdown 2017

Datum: 20.10. 2017

Interview with Pavel Szotkowski about his prep for EVLS Prague Showdown 2017. You'll find out how was the competition day and what is he planning for the next year.

1. Can you describe prep you went through?
It was difficult, but I definitely enjoyed it more than the last one. This year it was 4 weeks shorter, I worked out all the time, so the diet didn’t have to be 100%, but the workouts had! In December 2016, I moved to
Prague and on 2nd January 2017 I started my new job, which is very stressfull and I found out that if I hit the gym after work, I let go all stress and trouble. It was my motivation for workouts and there was no time for pause. I didn’t plan competing in 2017, I wanted to focus on my new job, settle down in Prague, but I was offered to cooperate with the NUTREND company and thus there appeared also a chance to stand on stage again. Thank you for it!
2. What about the diet? Any complications?
Diet was great in the beginning, I was enjoying it. We were three friends in prep together so we motivated each other, we experienced common feelings. In the end it was worse and I decided to withdraw all vacancy
I had for all year. It was possible thanks to my boss, so I could workout even 3 times a day. There also appeared complications. I had to deal with digestive problems. I wen to see a doctor and I found out my protein intake was too high, so I lowered it and it helped. After that, just like every year, I had problem with my tooth. I got inflammation that woke me up at night and I couldn’t eat. I had 8 meals a day so it was necessary to do something with it. In the end, my dentist pulled it out. Last prep, I had to pull out one of my back tooth one day after competition and during the very first prep of mine I broke my tooth. Eating a carrot. Next time I am buying Mouthguard and Blendadent. :)
3. How was the photoshooting with NUTREND?
Photoshooting in Ostrava and Olomouc was great, difficult, but pictures are great and I enjoyed it so much. I have to say that the team prepared everything, they knew exactly what they need and it was really professional. They brought me food in exact amount I needed and they booked a hotel room for me and assured entrance to gym. For me, it was next great skill. We made 4 videos and I think photos are splendid. Photoshooting is one thing that I always enjoyed, it’s fun and when you have a great team around and nice weather, the result is always great. I am already looking forward to next photoshooting!
4. Can you describe competition day?
It was a long day, I don’t know why organizers decided to move weight categories and classic bodybuilding categories to the end of the day. I knew there will be delay, there always is. My time came in the evening,
so I had to spend all day posing, without water. I felt weak even if I filled it with sugar for previous two days. But when they called my category on stage, everything fell off me immedately and I felt great. I enjoyed the time on stage like never and I dare to say that I had the most shredded form. I didn’t sweat, there were no cramps, no fight for position during compulsory posing. Everyhing was just the way it should be.
5. What was the atmosphere during EVLS like?
It was great, most people from work came to support me, it was huge experience for them. They met my grandmother, who came from across the Czech Republic just to see me. I heard them cheering me up all the time on stage. I loved the Expo, atmosphere was really nice. I enjoyed it also at the NUTREND stand, where I could meet all athletes in person, it was amazing, I was really proud.
6. How did you feel about the result?
You will never be satisfied with 4th place. But I am. I had mixed feelings and those will probably remain, because classic bodybuilding is mainly about preparedness, you just can’t come without stripes on legs, triceps, breasts and butt. The symetry has to be perfect, because classic bodybuilders should represent balance and aesthetics. I can say, that I was shredded the most from all competitors, it was my goal. Unfortunately, judges
preffered bigger muscle volume. My weight was 105,5kg, so I had 4 kg muscle mass reserve. The prep itself was probably the best, I wasn’t suffering, except one week when I had to do 15 mins HIIT every morning, go to gym for the first workout, then to work and another workout followed with 40 mins cardio before bed. But I moved forward that week a lot. I probably could change it next time, but I quite enjoyed it.
7. What do you plan next?
One week after the competition I flew to Germany to make some photos. It would be shame not to capture muscle fullness. Then comes pause, I want to devote my time to work more than bodybuilding. I missed it out a lot because of the competition and I have many things to catch up until Christmas. I won’t stop excercising and I want to keep this shape. Next year I would like to start volume prep to gain tose 4kg but it won’t be easy due to my physique, but I believe I can make it with the support the NUTREND company gives me.