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Pavel Szotkowski and his trip to China

Pavel Szotkowski and his trip to China

Datum: 23.3. 2018

At first I would like to thank the NUTREND company and its main distributor in China, JINAN SIBOTE TRADING Co., Ltd., for the opportunity to experience travelling to different continent.

In the first half of February, one of the company’s managers called me with a question whether I would like go for a trip to China. First thought was that he was joking but then I checked a list with this year’s expos and China played a big role there. Twice. Of course, I couldn’t say no. And that is how a byrocratic „fight“ for fullfilling all requirements for one week stay. Even though the expo was from 14th to 16th March, my stay began with early morning flight on 12th March and ended with much earlier departure on 17th March.
I mentioned „byrocratic fight“ above – by this I reffer to a difficult process to fullfill requirements for a visa – including new passport, photos, birth certifficate statement and detailed addresses you will be staying at, divided into individual days. After much effort and a few not really kind words given into this process, I finally got my desired visa.
„Dear boss, I am flying to China in March.“
„OK, Pavel, bring us some rice and take care!“
Travelling with 200 cm height and 125 kg weight is not easy. I also paid for a spot near the emergency exit for at least part of the flight. Then 12 hours long flight with huge Air Bus followed – there were 10 seats in one line.
After we landed, my taxi was already waiting there. First impression about traffic? Crossroads? Avoid them! Crossings? Nobody respects them. Ligts on in the evening? No way, the battery could run out of energy – everything here is hybrid. After paying the deposit I checked in a booked hotel room.
After my colleague from the NUTREND Team Benjamin Radič arrived, we were taken to a small gym, where Chinese NUTREND team was ready with cameras and clothes we should have try on. It was fun, we did some posing, photos and went to take a break to our hotel rooms.
Halls and spaces, where the expo was held, were near the hotel we were staying in. The entire expo took 65 000 sqm. It was divided into 2 parts connected by main hall with restaurant and podium for various dancers, athletes and actions. The first hall was focused only on fitness lifestyle news. Brands competing in new products, new clothes and various accessories development and everything the fitness lifestyle includes. Second hall was full of gym equipment. Producers introduced inovative machines and news such cardio and core workout with interactive glasses.
When we came to the NUTREND stand, we met up with our team of hostess‘, organizers and main manager. The stand was beautiful. Every visitor had a chance to see NUTREND Team members on posters and televisions. There were tastings of protein chips, inovated protein bars and new instant BCAA. NUTREND China came also with a brand new concept of sport clothes. Everyone from the team had matching
outfits so everyone could see, who is the sponsor here.
It didn’t take long and visitors started to came for signatures, mainly to Benjamin, huge guy Pasha and also me. I was really pleased about it.
As visitors kept coming and coming it became harder and harder to go even to bathroom. One or two fans stop you to make a selfie and suddenly you face a line of 30 people desiring for a picture with you. I got used to this feeling very quickly. You feel like you mean something and getting back what you’ve given into this sport. And it is way more than just material compensation.
Next days of IWF Shanghai were similar, only daily programme changed, but contests, challenges, samples, catalogues giveaways and pictures with fans were routine.
Fitness industry in China is still new and their diet proves it – It is hard to get healthier food in Shanghai. Locals are used to fry everything in oil. Their meals taste great but are not suitable for calorie defficite. Luckily, we had healthy meals prepared in food boxes and those were delicous.
It was great opportunity and honor represent the brand far abroad. I believe I did good impression and NUTREND will invite me to another expo next year.