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Pavel Szotkowski

Pavel Szotkowski

Datum: 29.6. 2017

Fielad: Classic bodybuilding
Team: Nutrend team

Best results:
in classic bodybuilding category:
  • 1st place Grand Prix Pepa (2016)
  • 2nd place Moravia and Silesia Championship (2015)
  • 3rd place Czech Championship (2015)
in men’s physique category
  • 2nd place Moravia and Silesia Championship (2014)
  • 3rd place Czech championship (2014)
The start and first success
It was the very first time I tried to compete in men’s physique category in Czech Republic, where I wanted to find out, what it is like to stand on the stage, whether it worths it and is it what would make me go on. And it was! After the first competition I knew that this is going to be my hobby for a long time and I was willing to get better and better.
What is your experience with the NUTREND company and its products?
Even though I am the newest in the Team, I have only the best experience so far. Of course, I’ve known those products before NUTREND asked me about the cooperation. And who wouldn’t. This brand can pride itself on the cooperation with big names such as Jaromír Jágr, Martina Sáblíková and many more well known athletes. I am completely satisfied with the NUTREND products, with the taste and quality. Flavour range is really rich and that is for me, athlete whose diet regime is not that varied, very important element.
What made you use NUTREND products?
The visibility of NUTREND products on the market is admirable, also positive feedback about NUTREND products and quality, because I had a chance to see the production. I work in food industry myself and I know what needs to be fullfiled in terms of safety and quality from the raw to package materials.
Which product is your most favourite and why?
So far, my favourite product is instant BCAA mega strong powder for its refreshing flavours, also Magneslife in liquid form, because I insist on refilling minerals and vitamins. I am also a fan of all „shots“, i.e. liquid forms of supplements, for example N1 or carnitine.
How does your competition prep looks like?
I prepare myself as most of other competitors, with systematic training, discipline, will and a vision of myself in better shape than I was on the last competition. Of course, I have my system and preferences focused on my weak points.
Where and how often do you workout?
Now, I prep myself in Eagle fitness in Prague, where I’ve been living since January 2017. Lately my training system is 4+1, but I have to say, that it is really big problem for me. I would rather work out every day, even when I feel tired, the drive is so strong, but I know it can do more worse than better, that is why I call my free days „forced days off.“ :-)
Do you remember your best competition? Did it influence you somehow?
The best competition for me was GP PEPA last year, which took place 150 meters away from my flat, when I was living in Opava. This competition was very well organized and it was not on just one place, it was sports weekend for all city. By the end of my prep I was exhausted and asked myself whether it’s worth it. In case I will not place well, I would stop competing, but now I see it as negative thoughts of my weak me, which was after the victory trampled to the ground. The victory moved me forward and I pushed my goals higher.
And your goals?
Right now, I am in prep for EVL’s Prague Showdown on 29th of September. I actually didn’t want to compete this year, but because I got a chance to prepare myself with NUTREND, I did no longer hesitate! After that I would like to keep the form for photoshooting abroad with my good friend, who organized this photoshooting for me. It will be on Mallorca or some Greek island, by now we still settle up details. My other goals are to represent NUTREND colors in the best light in prep and even in my off season.
Top 5 products
  3. N1 SHOT