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NUTREND WORLD - InBody 3070s

NUTREND WORLD - InBody 3070s

Datum: 25.10. 2018

Pavel Szotkowski - The first athlete from the NUTREND team has tested our newest diagnostic system

When I visited the Nutrend World - the new resort in Olomouc, in which you can find a restaurant, new two-storeyed fitness center equipped with the latest Hammer Strength machines, massages, conference halls, wellness procedures, and luxury hotel rooms - I was given a chance to measure my body predispositions on the latest system InBody 3070s situated in the NUTREND store, which also can be found in this place.

This system is not only a scale but it is a complex machine composed of a digital altimeter, a device for blood pressure measuring connected to the scale itself with conductive elements, which with high accuracy does complete diagnostics which creates literally a book of your physical and biomechanical characteristics.

I was surprised by everything that can be measured and analyzed with the InBody. It even gives you a suggestion of preventive actions in a situation your health can be endangered.