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NUTREND Transformation with Michal Kulštejn

NUTREND Transformation with Michal Kulštejn

Datum: 4.4. 2017

Who has our ambassador Michal Kulštejn chosen for his transformation?
Who will exprience "Carbohydrates cycling" from A to Z?
How will these transformations result under his supervision?
How will this change influence their lives and view of the healthy lifestyle?

All this you will find out in following videos answering these questions. Michal is going to introduce 4 his clients, who did not hesitate to put themselves to his care. It is not just about weight loss but much more. Our participants are becoming completely new people describing their feelings. Follow our reality show and get inspired. It is never too late to change and every goal is reachable and a way easier it is when you have support in a form of NUTREND supplements!