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Datum: 18.6. 2018

Crossfit - one of the most favourite collective sports recently, partly because you can attend various group lessons and also participate at tournaments together.

These are some  reasons, why this sport becomes more and more popular. Not to mention burning a lot of calories because of this sport's complexity and connecting practically all body muscles.
And here we are getting to the sticking point. Crossfit is very complex kind of sport mostly with own body weight or free weight and all exercises have their base in CORE strenght. When you want start with correct technique and thus avoid injuries, it is necessary to workout under lead of an experienced coach.
That is why we have made this educational material in collaboration with professionals who are also NUTREND team members. You will learn how to do all excercises correctly with focus on technique. You can avoid useless complications and you will enjoy this sport to the fullest and without stops.
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All videos can be found under the post soon!