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Datum: 19.1. 2018

For a long time now, protein porridge has been a frequent choice of a healthy breakfast among healthy lifestyle fans.

In general, it is considered to be the right food that fuels you with the right form of energy for long periods of time. Oat flakes are great source of energy and contain fibre which is very advantageous for our digestive system. It is also possible to consider oat flakes to be natural source of vegetable protein, which shouldn’t be missed in your daily menu in a view of healthy lifestyle. Mainly for these reasons, gluten free oat flakes are used as a fundamental ingredient in a new product from the NUTREND company: PROTEIN PORRIDGE.
Nowadays, huge consideration is given to protein sources and they are being added more frequently to many athletes‘ menus, so we used quality milk protein source – milk protein isolate. This source provides fractions of casein and whey protein. The total amount of protein in this porridge is 30% which makes it one of the products with the highest values considering similar products on the market.
It is important to mention that in PROTEIN PORRIDGE you won’t find any chemical sweeteners. It is a purely natural product sweetened with fruit sugar – fructose and coconut sugar. Both natural sweeteners belong amongst ingredients with low glycemic index, that means these don’t cause a fast blood glucose increase and it is also the reason why these are a strong favourite among mentioned healthy lifestyle fans.
PROTEIN PORRIDGE from the NUTREND company is enriched with vitamin D and K2. Both vitamins are necessary for bone solidity and for healthy children's bone growth and development. Vitamin D also helps to promote normal absorption of calcium which you can find in PROTEIN PORRIDGE, too.
Who is this PROTEIN PORRIDGE suitable for?
Mainly for all healthy lifestyle fans who seek a suitable and adequate breakfast alternative or rich afternoon snack. Suggested use 1,5 – 2 hours before any physical activity.