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NEW PRODUCT - WAVE Menthol caffeine strips

NEW PRODUCT - WAVE Menthol caffeine strips

Datum: 26.11. 2018

A refreshing wave of energy is here and with it, our new product is coming to you - unique strips with caffeine full of freshness available soon!

WAVE CAFFEINE MENTHOL STRIPS activate and nicely motivate you for work, studying, driving or morning workout. Mild energetic strips intended to be melted on your tongue. How does it work? Easily! Single strips are wrapped in a practical package with an easy opening which allows a smooth manipulation and primarily easy application. Only open the package and put one strip on your tongue.
Immediately, a nice menthol feel comes and an energy hit follows.
Menthol strips contain 80mg caffeine in one dose, are sugar-free and enriched with B5, B6, B12, and E vitamins.