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Natálie Myslíková about veganism

Natálie Myslíková about veganism

Datum: 20.1. 2021

Veganuary. A challenge established by a non-profit British organization. Already since 2014, it represents a so-called “new year revolution” that inspired around one million people from 192 countries in the world who support it. What about you and veganism?

I am not a vegan personally, but I have nothing against this diet. I think it's up to everyone how eat. However, in my opinion, especially vegans, should have a very well-arranged diet so that their diet includes everything a healthy and complete diet should have.

What is your favorite vegan or meatless dish? 

My favorite meatless dish is probably vegetable patty. 

Do you think that the physique of professional fitness or bodybuilder can be done on a vegetarian diet? 

Yes, I think that you can make a good shape also on a vegetarian diet. Unfortunately, this diet also has its pitfalls, one of which I see, for example, in the bioavailability of plant proteins, which is obviously lower than in meat (with the exception of soy proteins). But even there, a solution can be found, for example, in a combination of different protein sources. 

What kind of races are you going to do this year?

This year I go with the flow, no one will know how the current situation will go, so for now "I'm going my own way", I'm training, I'm holding the regime and we'll see what happens. :) If the situation goes better, I plan the first races in the fall.