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Natalia Wyporek

Natalia Wyporek

Datum: 9.8.2018

What is your life motto?
To succeed means  to lie down with inner peace!  

What was your reason to start with fitness and first success?
To have better frame of mind and beautiful silhouette.  

Why did you start using Nutrend products?
In terms of quality, they are second to none!
How do Nutrend products help you in sports?
They help you reach your dream goal faster.  

What is your favorite Nutrend product and which one you use most often?
My favorite product is Protein Pancake - they are a great alternative to a quick full meal and I use them the most often.
Where and how often do you exercise?
I run 2x a week around 10 km and 3x a week I have training in the gym.  

What is your motivation for training?
Look and feel healthy in your body.
What are your goals?
To motivate others to change their lives.