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Miroslav Juríček

Miroslav Juríček

Datum: 30.11. 2018

Your reason to start with fitness and your first success?
I was a skinny boy who played football when I was young, but my friend asked me to go to the gym together and I have been more into this fitness life and training once I got bigger and shredded and got self-confidence. It becomes my sport and my lifestyle. I became a champion of Moravia and Silesia 2015 in Men's physique category.

Why did you start using NUTREND products?
When I prepared for my first show and one of my friends recommended me Nutrend whey protein, so that was my first experience with Nutrend.

How do the NUTREND products help you in your sport?  
Nutrend products help me to train even harder and refuel my body after hardcore training sessions.

What is your favorite NUTREND product and which one do you use most often?  
My favorite one is the Evoq protein bar, absolutely best is flavor salted caramel and product that I take the most is Hydro Whey protein.

Where and how often do you practice?
I live in the UK in Cardiff. I do my training sessions in The Gym group, Cardiff, that I work as a personal trainer and I train 6 times per week.

How do you prepare yourself for a contest?
In various ways I try to push myself over limits, training hard with proper concentration and dedication. Diet is important as well so I focus on clean food with the right amount of macro-nutrition.

Do you remember your best competition?
Has this experience influenced you somehow?  Yes, I do, I still remember clearly, it is Diamond cup 2017 where I won PRO card and became an IFBB PRO. I also had a hard time while I prepared show likewise, but I ran to my finish line somehow and once I became an overall champion. I could realize that I was right and I made the right choices for my goal, made me dream about the next level for myself and other people who may need my help.

What is your motivation for training?  
Other athletes, try to work harder than them and to have the best result on the stage.

Can you describe your best contest?
My best contest about feeling and results was Diamond cup 2017 I still remember what I felt at that time. I was thrilled with happiness and success. But best contest about my own results was Veronica Gallego, my Pro debut. I had the best condition ever I improved my weaknesses and posing routine as well.
What are your goals?
I want to be the best Men's Physique PRO and Fitness model in the world and the best influencer in many good ways. For these days, having a good result for London PRO in this coming week and join some Pro shows, EVLS Prague Pro, Seoul Pro this year and then be qualified to join the Olympia.