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Milad Sadeghi

Milad Sadeghi

Datum: 17.2. 2020

When did you start with bodybuilding and what was your first success?
I've been into bodybuilding since my childhood. I was a big fan of Arnold movies. At the age 18 I started to work out and go to the gym and everything was real. From the beginning, I was dreaming about the championship. After a bit, I had the muscles I needed for the competitions. And in 2012, I won the competition in my own town that was just a start for me.
What is your experience with the NUTREND Company and its products?
NUTREND has any kind of supplement I need with the best quality I've never seen and also I love the packaging of the products. And whey protein flavors are just perfect for someone who uses it regularly, like me. When you're craving for a snack there is all kind of protein bars you can indulge. I use them all the time and I'm very satisfied with the result.
What made you use NUTREND products?
Using amino acids and proteins to get ready for a competition is very important and also they have to be in a great quality. When I had used Nutrend supplements and watched the change in my body I understood its quality. Nutrend made it easy for me or other bodybuilders to pick what we need. If a friend asks me what supplement he should use there is always a Nutrend product I can suggest to them.
Which product is your most favorite and why?
If you are a professional athlete you need a lot of proteins and amino acids besides your daily diet and you have to pay attention to the quality of supplements you use. I've been using whey amino 10 000 personally because of the high protein portion and the fast absorbency.
How does your competition prep look like?
I compete in body classic class and you have to have a fat free, bulked up, lean muscles. I work out 2 hours a day regularly and 3 months before competition is going on a diet and I maximize my workout (2 times a day) and if I don't use suitable supplement I can burn and lose muscles because of the aggressive workout. In this process I always use Glutamine and HMB 4500 from the NUTREND Company for my pre-competition routine.
Where and how often do you work out?
I have been living in Iran, Tehran so I go to some gyms here to work out and also have students there.
Do you remember your best competition? Did it influence you somehow?
I would mention South Africa's Arnold cCassic because of a problem that occured. I had to lose 6 kg in 1 day and everybody told me it's not going to happen but I tried my best and did it anyway. And this taught me nothing is impossible if you want it by your heart and try your hardest.
And your goals?
Every athlete in every single field wants to be the best in their own field and for me, it's winning in Master Olympia. Of course with a healthy body because healthy body should be the most important goal to everyone.
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