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Michelle Heuts

Michelle Heuts

Datum: 15.5. 2014

Nationality: Dutch
Discipline: Bodyfitness
Team: Nutrend team
Best results/achievements:

2nd place on Nbbf Ifbb Nederland 2015
Dutch champion bodyfitness 2014
Loaded cup Denmark champion bodyfitness 2014

Facebook page:

I’ve always loved sports since I was a little girl. When I was in the dutch army, I went to a gym near by my base camp. There I met my current trainer. He came up to me and said I should do some bodyfitness shows. 6 months later I did my first show, and I was hooked. The lifestyle the shows everything I loved.
The next year I won 2 shows in Netherland and I finished 2nd at the dutch finals. I promised myself to work as hard as I can to be as good as I can be.

Why did you start to use Nutrend products?
I’ve tried many different other brands before. But the Nutrend products are the most delicious and the best quality. They are the best products I’ve ever had.

How do the Nutrend products help you in your sport?
They help me to recover better after my workouts, when my body isn’t fit and active. I will take a pre workout to boost up my energy level and focus. So I can have the best possible workout in the gym!

What is your favorite Nutrend product and which one do you use the most?
Compress ISO Whey 90 is my favorite product because I use it a lot – for my breakfast after my training and before I go to sleep. It’s delicious. it blends perfectly and is the best purest whey protein.

Diet in your sport is without any doubts important to achieve an outstanding performance. What is your common daily diet like?
It’s pretty clean year-round

Meal 1: 5 whey isolate, oat meal Meal 2: apple & beef Meal 3: steamed vegetable, chicken, sweet potatoes Meal 4: protein shake, salad Meal 5: grilled fish, salad Meal 6: walnuts, whey isolate

How do you prepare yourself for shows? Where and how often do you practice?
When I’m in preparation for a show I train 2 times a day. I also take about an half hour to practice my routine and poses.

What is your common training day like?
I work every day as hard as I can in the gym! When I step in the gym my day can not get any better! I switch up my training every 4 weeks.
Men who say woman must not lift because it makes them look like a man are so wrong, it gives the woman more shape, curves and it looks fit and healthy.

What is your motivation for hard training?
Train every day as hard as you can because the day you have an excuse, there is another person in the world working harder in the gym than you. You want to be the best? Bring your best!

What was the hardest training in your life?
I must say plyometric training and leg training the last month of my competition.

Can you describe your best event/show? How did it influence you?
It was my first international competition: Loaded Cup Denmark 2014. I finished 1st in the bodyfitness class.
I didn’t expect to do as good as I did in the international show. This event opened my eyes and showed me that I can be at the international stage. And because of this I wanted to do more international shows all around the world.

TOP 5 NUTREND products:

3. CARNITINE 100 000