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Makis Maragos

Makis Maragos

Datum: 25.4. 2014

Makis Maragos was member of NUTREND TEAM in 2014 - 2017.

Discipline: Body Fitness
Team: Nutrend
Best results:
2013 NAC HELLAS - 1st place in Body Fitness
2013 Mr. Universe Body Fitness (WABBA) - 1st place & 1st place Overall 2013
Facebook page:

Even though I have been training hard for the past 14 years, I started out as a boxing and kick-boxing athlete. Due to the intensity of these sports I started kicking the plates to increase my strength. Through the years I became addicted to bodybuilding, lifting more and more every time until I finally realized that the bodybuilding life, with the hard work and diet, is one I want to lead.

On November 2011 I participated to my very first contest in which I finished 3rd. I considered this 3rd place as a failure, I started working out harder and most importantly, smarter than ever before.

The biggest motivating factor was the accidental death of a close friend, a bodybuilder in USA. The rest of my career is dedicated to him.

Why did you start to use Nutrend products?
I want perfection in my diet and I ask for nothing less from my supplementation. Nutrend products can definitely ensure perfection.

How do the Nutrend products help you in your sport?
Nutrend products provide me faster recovery and explosion in my training. This is exactly what I need for hard workout.

What is your favorite Nutrend product and which one do you use the most?
Even though the Whey Core 100 protein is the product I use the most, my favorite all-time is the mighty Compress ECDYSTERONE.

Diet in your sport is without any doubts important to achieve an outstanding performance. What is your common daily diet like?
06:00 - 200g skinless chicken, 200g of rice and half a cucumber.
10:00 - 250g of salmon, 300g of potatoes, half a cucumber.
12:30 - 150g skinless chicken, 100g of rice, 200g of potatoes.
17:00 - 250g skinless chicken, a cup of spinach, 80g of rice.
19:00 - 120g of tuna, 50g of rice.
21:00 - 250g of beef, half of cucumber.

How do you prepare yourself for events? Where and how often do you train?
I start my preparation 6 months before a contest. The first 2 months I lift heavy weights, 5 days a week and double cardio session (morning and evening). 3rd -4th month I reduce the weights doing 12-15reps per set and the same double cardio session, 6 days a week. 5th -6th month I start cutting with 6 days a week, 20 reps per set and double cardio session of 90min each.

What is your common training day like?
Two hours of hard weight training and a lot of cardio day and evening.

What is your motivation for hard training?
I love the transformation of my body. I love the time when I hit the stage. I love making my family and friends proud of me.

What was the hardest training in your life?
The last two months before the Mr. Universe 2013 contest, every training session was an experience of pain and sweat. When I started cutting carbs I remember sitting in my room at night not wanting to see or hear anything. That was a very difficult period with, fortunately, a happy ending.

Can you describe your best event? How did it influence you?
Without a doubt the best event was the Mr. Universe. This made me more focused, more organized and put me in a state of making bigger and greater plans for the future.

TOP 5 NUTREND products:
1 Whey Core 100
3 Compress T.R.T.
4 Compress Caliber Pump
5 Compress Whey Amino 10000