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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Makhmud Muradov

Makhmud Muradov

Datum: 5.2.2021

Height: 190 cm

Competition weight: 84 kg

Team: MMA Uncle and MMA Monster

Discipline: MMA



Tell us something about yourself, where are you from?

I come from Uzbekistan, but I have been living in the Czech Republic since 2011. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to be an MMA fighter, and even after I finished school and had to make a living for all my family, I followed my dream and dedicated myself to martial arts.

Did you try other sports apart from MMA?

Yes, I did. Earlier, I had been practicing box, kickbox, sambo, and wrestling. But I liked MMA the most and it lasts until today.

When happened that you devoted yourself to MMA and started your career?

I fully started with MMA in the Czech Republic because there were limited options elsewhere. I fought in various organizations where I became a holder of several titles.

What was it like getting to UFC and your first fight in the organization?

It was a dream that came true. I am the very first Uzbek in UFC and also as a fighter representing the Czech Republic. For me, it was an incredible feeling!

What do you plan for the future?

I want to build my career as an MMA fighter. I would also like to establish my own MMA school in Uzbekistan and support young and talented athletes, to give them a chance to go on camps and fight.