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Datum: 5.2. 2018

Magnesium is the 8th most represented element on the planet. In the human body, magnesium plays an important role and represents one of the most important minerals which plays an important part in many biological functions.

In scientific literature, magnesium is described as a cofactor of more than 300 enzymatic reactions necessary for structural protein, nucleon acids and mitochondrias functions. Some of the main sources of magnesium in a regular diet are green vegetables (with higher content of chlorofyl), but also for example nuts, seeds and unprocessed cereals.
It is necessary to mention that in processed foods, there is some magnesium content that is decreased in comparison to raw food and due to this fact, magnesium intake within daily food is much lower. Magnesium (as calcium) is mainly absorbed in the small intestine and is partly kept in bone and muscle mass, but also other parts of the human body. Absorption of magnesium is relatively difficult and coheres with the actual magnesium levels of every person.
Lack of magnesium in the human body can relate to a lot of reasons, one of them is also physical activity. Higher secretion of magnesium is caused by some illnesses, can be a consequence of diarhoea or for example alcohol consumption and diuretic substances usage.
The NUTREND company has come up with a new product to add to its already impressive portfolio, which will help in situations where an acute lack of magnesium caused by physical activity occurs. This NEW Product is; MAGNESLIFE STRONG an ideal choice in times where a sport, activity or difficult physical action causes a magnesium deficiency. Some symptoms are shaking, distraction, muscle fasciculation, depression, heart arrhytmia and hypocalcaemia. Magnesium deprivation can also cause appetite loss, tiredness, fatigue, malaise and other symptoms described in scientific literature.
MAGNESLIFE STRONG is a form of magnesium (citrate), which solves the problems of lack of magnesium in a very short period of time after consumption and can help you continue in sporting activites.