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Datum: 14.6. 2018

Like  Photographer, competitor in realty show SURIVIOR, national champion of wakeboarding, national champion of Physique IFBB, coach, IFBB judge.
My story started with my twin brother our passion to all kind a different sports and wish for competitions. We were greatest of rivals and always try to outdo each other. We started with all kind of sport in younger years but the first real competition was in cable WAKEBOARDING where we both achieve international SLO&HR championship title. One year I was first and he was second, the next one was just other way around he was first and I was second. So this push us furthered to K1 KICKBOXING where yet again one year was my brother champion and the next year I was better. So at the end we found ourselves competing in IFBB PHYSIQUE fitness category where we both achieve title of national champions in same tradition one year one and other second and the other year around.
Because we are twin brothers we made a project TWIN CHALLENGE and have perfect opportunity for experiments and finding out answers to some questions like: Which diet is better?, Which workout routine is better?, etc.

For example: PREPARATION for competition in Physique fitness&bodybuilding KETOGENIC DIET VS CARBOHYDRATE CYCLIZATION – which one is better? How do we feel during process? Pictures of compression between us every 2 weeks and watching closely transformation of body, etc.

TWIN CHALLENGE become successful and interesting platform and open up doors for the different projects: over years we establish and prepared more than 20 successful competitor together in Physique and bikini
fitness category.

I love fitness & bodybuilding movement, lifestyle, sport, competitions and everything that is around it. People in this sport know what is devotion, dedication, persistency, willingness for sacrifices,… and that makes them truly special and persons who you want to be around it. So among being competitor myself, working with athletes I also made test for IFBB judge and try to help with movement in our country.

Over years working with our TEAM I always try to represent them in best possible way, so I took pictures with my phone, making videos, etc… Till one day my girlfriend give me her first DSLR Canon 1000d Camera. So my road of photography started. I got few tips from my friends- already establish photographers which help me a lot with first steps and understanding the process of making photography. But all in all for last 3 years I am daily searching on internet books, videos, tips, … information, teaching lessons and thriving for upgrading my knowledge and skills around photography & video making process. For me photography is moment in time that could last longer, gives you warm feeling over years to come, show you your path that you overcome and sometimes gives you external view on what matters, what to improve, what to be grateful for and not to forget those beautiful or rough moments.

I had opportunity to compete in our first Slovenian realty show SURVIOR. I was 2months in Philippines. It was craziest adventure and the biggest, hardest competition. Only a pair of pants, shirts, knife machete, 2 spoons a rice in the morning and 2 spoons of rice in the afternoon,…and lying under the sky with all the rest already living on the island. Anywhere you lay down something was crawling on you and bite you, etc. There was 2 team and we were on different islands. We had to made ourselves a camp, make fire, find food,… I remember the first day it took us around 4 hours to make fire out of dry coconuts and then next 3 days we had to preserve that fire! Every 2-3 hours I woke up with my friend and had to chop with machete bamboo, wood and throw it on fire. Machete was not sharp at all so hands were already bloody because of all the blisters. Everyday competitions were big and absolutely mind blowing. We competed among teams every day in beautiful locations- jungle, islands. I was in game from beginning to end. In second part as a jury. I went from 75kg to around 62-63kg. Tropical infections, competition, hunger, psychological games,… it was truly something and I would go again in a heartbeat.

Why Did You Start to Use NUTREND?
Around 10 year ago I worked as a student in a supplement store and we sell NUTREND and every day I enjoy in EXCELENTE protein bar. They were just great and that was the first product I try so many years ago. And from that point I know company NUTREND. To have in mind that NUTREND has got 25 years of tradition it tells me it`s a good chooise to belive in brand and to have trust in product line.

How Do The NUTREND Products Can Help You In Sport?
In everday life. A lot of people thinks it`s only for people who train but all in all we all need proper nutrition that is hard to get in this days food industry – or is it proteins, minerals, vitimans, or just need for some dessert like protein bar, casein to make day perfect!

What Is Your Favourite NUTREND Product And Which One Do You Use The Most?
My favorite in EVOQ chocolate bars in all flavors. The most I use is definitely DELUXE 100% WHEY chocolate brownies! One in the morning, and one after training. Taste chocolate brownies it is just perfect!

What Are Your Goals?
My goals are to improve my skills on all the fields I work. To watch out for all the adventures and to make one with NUTREND.