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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Lucie Svěcená

Lucie Svěcená

Datum: 15.3. 2021

How did it all began? My brother was the actual reason why I started to swim. When I was a child, I attended folk dance classes. I liked it, but by that time, my older brother just started with swimming. I went to see his training session once and I liked it so much that I wanted to try it right away. I knew that my parents have a lot of costs with my other activities, but I still asked my parents if I could swimming like my brother. My parents agreed on that, but I needed  to make a choice between folk dances and swimming. For me it was an easy one.It was a love at first sight.


My swimming beginnings were difficult. When I start with something, I want to do my best. That's how I had it and still have it with swimming. I don´t understand swimmers who train only for 50%. In my opinion, that can't make these people happy. I was also motivated by the fact that I wanted to repay my parents, who allowed me to swim. They paid for everything, they drove me and my brother to training sessions. I saw how tired they were and also, how difficult from a financial perspective it was for them. Knowing all the circumstances, it was something that pushed me forward! But in the beginning, I still took 4ths places at the youth championships. I was sad about it, but I knew I would break it one day. In 2010 came the first successes, the first medals the first records breaking.


 Gradually, my performance grew, thanks to which I got into the national team. At the age of 14, I won the adult championship of the Czech Republic for the first time on the 100 m butterfly track. My parents and I were very happy, all the diligence and hard work returned.


 At the age of 15, I went for the first time to represent the Czech Republic at the senior European Championships, where we won a medal in a relay. And since that time, I was a legitimate member of the national team.


 I'm so proud that I've made it this far in swimming. But I know that without my brother and my great parents, I would never have started swimming. And I am extremely grateful to them for that.


Date of birth: 21. 8. 1997

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Team: SK Jazzmani Žatec 

Discipline: swimming - 100 m butterfly, 50 m butterfly

Facebook: Lucie Svěcená

Instagram: lusi97


  • Czech national records for 100 m butterfly
  • 73 x title of champion of the Czech Republic
  • RIO 2016 Summer Olympic Games participant
  • 4th and 6th place at the European Junior Championships 2012
  • 2 x silver from the European Junior Championships 2013
  • 1 x bronze from the Junior World Championships 2013
  • 2 x silver from the relay at the European Championships 2012 and 2013
  • 9th, 7th and 6th place at the Youth Olympic Games 2014



9th and 14th place at the World University Games

13th and 14th place at ME25

7th place in the World Cup



16th place (semifinals) at the ME50

7th place (relay) on MS50