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Kim Parker

Kim Parker

Datum: 9.11.2018

Instagram: parkerkimbo
Facebook: Kimberly Parker
Best Competition results:
  • 1st bikini model
  • 1st fitness model 
What is your life motto?
If you have an opportunity; grasp it because you don’t know when you’ll have that moment again. Live life to fulfillment and lead by example to inspire others to achieve their goals and be the best they can be.

Your reason to start with fitness and your first success?
I always struggled with my weight and strength. But my story is not of wanting to lose weight, I was very underweight and struggled to put on or keep weight. I was always picked last for teams and was quite a shy child and was bullied a lot growing up.

I joined the military in my adult years and kept up to the fitness standards. One day I saw a picture of Ashley Horner on Facebook and came across Pauline Nordin on Instagram. I was amazed by their strength inside and out and how they were so beautiful and curvy with their muscle. I typically thought bodybuilding would make a woman very masculine. Wow, was I mistaken!

I joined a gym and used a blueprint plan for beginners. I started meal prepping and researching my macros, different training methods and making progress.

I wanted to achieve a goal and face a fear. I made myself the goal to compete in order to face my body insecurities, stage fear and achieve something I never thought I could have with my body for myself. I never wanted to place, I just wanted to do a competition and look back in years from now and say I did that and I looked like that and I faced my fear.

But when I placed and qualified for the Arnold’s and British finals my life changed. It changed for the better. I met people with the same passion and even women who were in the same mindset as me.

I found a new family and woke up to a passion.

I became a personal trainer as my new role and I am now a boot camp instructor and online trainer.

My passion is to transform people not just on the outside but on the inside for being happy within themselves.

Mindset is so key and without it, one will rebind with their training, food and even personal relationships and work.

Why did you start using NUTREND products?
I was drawn in with the variety because the products suit a range of fitness lifestyles and goals. The ingredients are clean and have a good variety of flavors.

How do the NUTREND products help you in your sport?  
They support my bodybuilding regime and also endurance training with obstacle course runs and military training.

What is your favorite NUTREND product and which one do you use most often?  
My favorite is the BCAA Energy Mega Strong Powder because it’s a perfect pre-workout cocktail with all the vital components to get you going and has the vital aminos.
I actually use the carnitine and glutamine the most whilst I’m in competition prep for fat burn and glutamine for post-workout repair and immunity.

Where and how often do you practice?
Gym six days a week. Outside for circuits and intervals.
How do you prepare yourself for a contest?  
I could write a book on this! Hmmm, that’s an idea in itself.

Do you remember your best competition? Has this experience influenced you somehow?
Best competition was when I came first fitness model. I came second the day before in bikini and ladies came to me to say they’ve followed my journey and I feel that’s what made me smile on stage in knowing I had inspired them.

What is your motivation for training?
Reaching a goal and being accountable to not just myself but to others as well.

Can you describe your best contest?
Would be the same answer as best competition. I would say Tough Mudder as it’s so challenging but it’s not a contest.

What are your goals?  
Own a gym and eatery.