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KEVIN NELLEN - new member

KEVIN NELLEN - new member

Datum: 7.6. 2017

Field: personal trainer, mentor and NUTREND moderator
Team: NUTREND Team
When I was a young boy I lost my father to a heritable heart condition, so at first I started sports just to stay healthy, but within weeks I got hooked on sports. First I started Muai thai and boxing, but later on, when I got an office job, I started to do fitness next to the boxing. I fell in love with fitness/bodybuilding and I dropt the fighting alltogether. So I started working out 5 or even 6 times a week. At that point I met Evelien and we started working out together, we fell in love, we got married and our little girl was born, but we always kept on sporting. A year after our daugther was born, Evelien started competing and I was coaching her. I found out that I also love to coach people and from that, our company was established, now 4 years later we both quit our office jobs to chase our fit-dreams.
Why did you start to use Nutrend products?
I have Crohn‘s disease, so my body can get infections when I stress my body too much or when I don‘t get the right nutrition. I need to count on the quality and purity of supplements, and that’s why I use the supplements from Nutrend.

How do the Nutrend products help you in your sport?
Our life is really busy, being a daddy, sportsman and running own business. With the Nutrend supplements I can trust on the best quality and it helps me push my body through the limits every
day and after that, recover for the next day! Nutrend supplements help in every situation and every kind of sports.

Which product from NUTREND is your favourite and which one do you use the most?
My absolute favorite product has to be the N1 preworkout, I use it before every workout, it gives me extra focus, strength and energy and it helps me to give the workout my best every time!

What is your common training day like?
On a common day the whole family gets up, we eat breakfast together and bring our little girl to school, after that, we start with our emails, have our moring appointments with clients and we go to the gym for a good workout together. Then we pick up our little girl for lunch and have a good meal together. When she’s at school for the second time, we help clients, answer emails and start prepping the Nutrend orders we get on our website. After school one of us (we switch every day) can do the family-life and the other helps the client in the evening. Its great to have our office at home, because we love our work, but we find the most important to enjoy the family-life. In this way we have the best of both.

What is your motivation for hard training?
I love what I do and I do what I love, I strongly believe you get back what you put into life, so I just give it my all every day. I want to set the right example for my little girl, so that’s what motivates me every day.
Which one was the hardest training in your life and why?
The hardest training yet, has to be the first time I trained my hams and glutes apart from my quads and calves together with Evelien, I felt that for 5 or 6 days, hahaha.

As a fitcouple we help people to find the best version of themselfs in sports and in life, because when you grow in sports you also grow in life.
In all our nutrition plans we work solo with Nutrend products, because those are the best quality and you get better results using the great supplements from Nutrend. It doesn't matter what sports you do, you can always use a coach, a good nutrition plan and the best supplements just to give you that extra edge and help you to become better and better in what you do.
I also have Crohn's disease, so my body can get infections when I stress my body to much or when I don't get the right nutrition. I need supplements from Nutrend, I need to count on the great quality and it helps me push my body though the limits every day and after that recover for the next day!
For Evelien and me life is sport, its in our DNA, a fit body simply means life for me, because I don't have any hart problems, I don't get attacks from my Crohn's disease. It means every day we have the energy and vitality to play and run and do all fun stuff with our daugther, with our Fit-life we can help other people find their Fit way of life and we can inspire other people to make the best of every day!

In Holland we have the biggest e-shop with Nutrend products, and we have a small shop at the office at home.

When Nutrend asked me to become an official speaker at the expo's it was like a dream to come true, to be there with the Nutrend team, helping them and inspiring all those people, I just love it!
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