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Kevin Nellen and his way on the first competition

Kevin Nellen and his way on the first competition

Datum: 23.8. 2018

In 2 weeks, I will compete in my first WBFF show. The last years I always wanted to compete, but because of my Crohn's diseases, I couldn’t get under 8% body fat without getting sick.

But this year I have found a new way... with soups, smoothie (I couldn’t eat veggies and fruit, I always triggered an inflammation) and almost no more meat.
To get my proteins I use Hydro Whey, the perfect whey for me. Besides all the fruits and veggies I always use Multivitamin and Multimineral just to make sure I always have all my vitamins and minerals for my body.

Also for the cardio sessions, I really love to use the new CLA+Carnitine, I can deliver more power, for longer and give it my all. Together with Taurine, Tyrosine and Arginine is the perfect stack for me to do my 12 trainings a week and still recover.

Because of the new nutrition chooses and the new supplements I can dig deeper than I could before. Now I’m on 5,9% body fat and on 99kg weight. In 17 days it will be my time to shine on the WBFF stage in the first Amsterdam show. It will be my personal achievement after all these years to finally find a way to get on that stage and show people anything is possible - you just have to find your way!