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Jozef "Jojo" Porubský

Jozef Porubský

Datum: 25.1.2017

Discipline: CrossFit Athlete
Teamm: Nutrend Team

Best results
  • 1st place Dalmatian Throwdown 2017 Split
  • 1st place Dalmatian Throwdown 2016 Split
  • 1st place Czech beast challenge 2016 Prague
  • 2nd place Central Europe Throwdown 2016 Bratislava
  • 6th place Spanish Throwdown 2016 Madrid
  • 5th place Alpha Games 2016 Nice
  • 2nd place Czech beast challenge 2015 Brno
  • 3rd place Spanish Throwdown 2015 Madrid
My start and first success
I started with Crossfit about 6 or 7 years ago while I was studying in Prague. At that time my friends and I did not know anyone who did Crossfit, so we had to learn everything by ourselves. Later when we wanted to establish our blog, we had found out that in Slovakia and Czech Republic people did crossfit on a higher level than us. They even organized first contests in Slovakia so we did not hesitate to join them. It took long time before our first success came. At first it was at local contests and later also abroad.

What is your experience with NUTREND and its products?
- What made you use products from NUTREND company?
- Which product is your most favourite and why?
NUTREND supplements were the very first food supplements, which I got to know when I started to work out. Just the fact that NUTREND has been on the market as long as it has proves its quality. I started to use these supplements because my friends recommended them to me. My most favourite product is 100% Whey Protein as it is the basic supplement for me and recently also the new preworkout N1, because it kicks me during a rough day when I need to go through a heavy training session and feel tired. Every supplement I use has a really important foundation for me during the day, whether it is the RAW BAR which I have as a snack between the group training I lead, or a dose of NUTREND PROTEIN PANCAKEs for breakfast.

What does contest preparation Involve?
At the very beginning I focus on the strenght phase, which slightly merges to the aerobic and anaerobic phase. During the whole year I work on my weak points so nothing can surprise me.

Training example:
    Morning phase:
  • Technique weight lifting with heavier weights
  • Intensity weight lifting
  • Strenght programme according to a prep season
    Afternoon phase
  • Intensity workout, interval workouts and similar types of trainings
How do products from NUTREND help you with your performance?
Products from NUTREND help me to recover, to refill nutrients after training, that is when my body needs it the most. It helps me when I am exhausted and I still need to go through my second training session and also, the products I use taste amazing, so practically help me satisfy my taste buds.

Can you remember your most successful contest? Did it influence you somehow?
If we are talking about placing, it was a contest last year in Croatia, where I finished 1st with a head start, which was not possible to catch for the finals. That was quite a good feeling. And talking about skills I would mention the contest in France, also last year, where I competed with athletes from all over the world on the highest level and I placed 5th.

How do you motivate yourself for this Intensive training?
I get motivated day by day by people that surround me, people who I train or I work with. The biggest motivation for me is myself. I always look at how far I got and I know what else I have to do to advance. I know I have to do all this by myself and nobody will ever do this hard job for me.

How does your regular training day look?
I wake up at 6:00 in the morning, I make my breakfast, prepare all stuff and go to the gym, where I have my first group training with ladies from 07:00 to 08:15. Then it is time for my own training, which I usually finish at 11:00 or 12:00 o‘clock. Then I have lunch, get all planned activities done and I am back at the gym at 15:00 for my second training session. From 17:00 I have training with my clients.

What does preparation for contest like this consist of? Where and how often do you work out?
My preparation lasts all year, but it is divided into more segments so I know when I need to culminate my performance. I train in Bratislava in CrossFit Pressburg gym and in Nitra in CrossFit Nitra gym. I train 5-6 times a week, 2-3 times a day.

What are your goals?
My biggest goal is to be the best in what I do. I want to be the best version of myself, the best athlete, the best coach, the best businessman, the best friend. I want to inspire people.

TOP 5 NUTREND products:
  2. N1 SHOT