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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Josef Dostál

Josef Dostál

Datum: 1.7. 2021

I started with a kayak as a little boy.

The prerequisites for being successful I received from my parents in genes. My mother Eva Emingerová-Dostálová is a former Czechoslovak national volleyball representative, today a jazz singer who has performed on dozens of music albums. Father Tomáš Bosambo is a former champion of the republic in canoeing. He is a well-known sculptor and carver as well. At first I didn't enjoy kayaking much, but chasing ducks with ducklings, that's right. Thanks to that, I found my way to paddling, and in the end it grew close to my heart. The more I grew, the faster I paddled. And because I'm over two meters now, I can roll it damn fast. I have a recipe for how to do it from coach Karel Leština, who is constantly moving me on. When I'm not kayaking, I go for trout, which have been my passion thanks to my grandfather since childhood. My biggest catch so far is 48 cm. And I really love to eat. They already have to make special kayaks for me, so I have to be careful not to sink in the water. I am currently studying at the University of business and management, but I don't have as much time to study as I would like to have. My passion is also music. I like to sing and play the guitar myself, I listen to Czech rap the most.

I have one unfulfilled dream as an athlete.

I already have world titles, but the most is Olympic gold. I won't stop until I get him. I am ready to give my best. When I finish, the performance escalates and the muscles report fatigue, I bite my cheeks to pump myself up to even higher turns. Pain in the cheeks outweighs the muscle pain. I'm ready to take a bite out of it in Tokyo.

I work hard, but at the same time I'm enjoying it. This is #dostalstyle.

Date of birth: 3rd of March 1993

Height: 203 cm

Team: Army sports section of canoeing Dukla Prague

Discipline: speed canoeing

Facebook: Josef Dostal

Instagram: @j_dostal


Biggest achievements:


  • 2018 MS Montemor-O-Velho - 3rd place / K1 / 1000 m
  • 2018 MS Montemor-O-Velho - 1st place / K1 / 500 m
  • 2018 European Championship Belgrade - 1st place / K1 / 500 m


  • 2017 MS Račice - 1st place / K1 / 500 m
  • 2017 MS Račice - 3rd place / K1 / 1000 m


  • 2016 OG Rio 2016 - 2nd place / K1 / 1000 m
  • 2016 OG Rio - 3rd place / K4 / 1000 m World Cup Series - 1st Place / K1


  • 2015 MS Milano - 2nd place / K1 / 1000 m