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Jojo - Dalmatian Throwdown

Jojo - Dalmatian Throwdown

Datum: 19.10. 2017

Dalmatian Throwdown 2017 was second year of CrossFit competition organised in South Croatia in Split. Organisation and also competition itself is on high level, this year, athletes came from all Europe.

Last year, I took first place and this year, my goal was to retain this title. After hard 2 competition days I made it. I am glad I was able to utilize hard work I put into prep last year. This competition was last one from those I planned in last 5 weeks. My prep was continuously focused on all competitions. I felt tired in the end, 3 competitions in relatively short time were too much and my body asked for relax. Following week, I will focus on recovery and diet plan for next season. But of cource, CrossFit goal is to be ready anytime so nothing gets missed out.

Competition was going on in two days, there were 3 workouts each day, score that decided in the end was counted for all workouts together. Atmosphere during the competition was great. Croatian CrossFit community is amazing, people are passionate about sport and everyone was very kind. Workouts were balanced so we were tested in everything. Organisation was on really high level. We had briefing before every workout thus nobody could say he hadn’t understood anything.
All these details created the whole picture all athletes were happy about. It was hard fight, it wasn‘t easy to fight out the first place. First workout didn’t go as I planned so I had to catch up lost points, but I kept consistency in the following workouts and it resulted in first place in the end. The only thing I could influence was my performance and I gave it all I could, I am satisfied. I am happy about this success and I am gratefull for the support Nutrend gives me because recovery and supplementation play big role in training and competitions.