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Datum: 19.2. 2016

Read an interesting interview with the Olympic winner and NUTREND Team member Jaroslav Kulhavý who started all of his successful seasons in Cyprus.

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How important are the Sunshine Cup races for you?
The races in Cyprus are very important for me as I always start the season here after a long winter preparation so I can say if I am in a good condition or not in comparison to others. Every single year there's a great competition that is in top 10 at the World Cup. Another thing is the fact that in Cyprus I test not only my condition but also new material and equipment.
What are your goals for this year's season?
The main goals are the Olympic Games, World Championship in Nové Město and World Cup.
When was the first time you have participated in the race in Cyprus and what in it was the most significant for you?
Cyprus and Sunshine Cup are with me through my whole career. I don't even know how many times I've been is my tenth season I think. I only missed one season in 2014 due to injury but apart from that I am a regular attendant. The whole Sunshine Cup is well-organized and included in the high category of UCI calendar. I really like the race trails and climatic conditions for training which are perfect in Cyprus.
What is your biggest experience from Cyprus?
My first year there I guess. I was very young and I managed to win the last race and that was a huge success.
What is your main goal for this year's race?
A condition test and a lot of training. After every single racing day I feel better and I can see the improvement. The entire Sunshine Cup is really important for the preparation in order to the World Cup.
Why is Sunshine Cup so important from the perspective of UCI calendar?
Besides training, the Sunshine Cup races are very important for all the national teams because it represents an important collection of UCI points before Rio.
What Cyprus represents for you when it comes to biking?
The landscape of Cyprus is amazing for biking. You rarely come across so many offroad trails and single tracks. I don't even have my favourite places there. I like all of the Afxentia Cup stages as well as other races. The tracks are technical and entertaining. You can see such a beautiful scenery while biking. That's how it should be...that is the real MTB.

Foto: Michal Červený