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Jakub Prchal and his world finals

Jakub Prchal and his world finals

Datum: 12.11. 2018

My goal – to get to the world TOP6 – accomplished!

My dear friends, it was very important day for me yesterday. It was my first time I took part in the World Championship in Men’s bodybuilding category.
Last year, I celebrated a great success in the Junior category and that’s why I decided to aim my prep where I felt could be a new challenge - amongst ‚adults‘, where I conquered the best bodybuilders over 180 cm. This category was completely full of great athletes so sometimes I‘ve wondered whether I am in a right place. All of them looked amazing! Even though I did, after the fight in semifinals, get into finals. So I enjoyed the contest from beginning to end and I could show everything I had been working on all year!
There are so many people I want to thank to. I can’t even say how much I appreciate everyone who has helped me in any way on my journey. But at first, I want to thank my NUTREND team, because I can’t imagine being in prep without them. Within all year, they support me with the latest top-quality supplements. It is my routine to shake N1, the best pre-workout yet, before every training and Hydro Whey after it or using Omega 3 on the daily basis after my breakfast.
I was lucky to do a few last training sessions in the gym in NUTREND World and honestly, I can tell I am thankful for the background I have in the NUTREND company. Now, I compete in the Czech Republic representation team amongst elite and I am incredibly happy I can proudly represent us at the World Championship!
I am a member of the NUTREND bodybuilding team and I am proud of it!