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Jakub Prchal

Jakub Prchal

Datum: 1.6. 2015

Best results:

  • 2017, The World Championship, junior and masters - 1st place
  • 2016, The World Championship, junior and masters Dominican Republic - 2nd place
  • 2014, The World Championship, junior classic bodybuilding – 2nd place 2015, Champion
  • 2013, The Czech Republic Championship, older adolescents over 72kg – 1st place + absolute winner
  • 2013, The Moravian Championship, older adolescents over 72kg – 1st place + absolute winner, junior classic bodybuilding – 1st place
  • 2012, The Czech Republic Championship, older adolescents over 72kg – 1st place, junior classic bodybuilding – 3rd place
  • 2012, The Moravian Championship, older adolescents over 72kg – 2nd place, junior classic bodybuilding – 3rd place
  • 2011, The Czech Republic Championship, younger adolescents over 65kg – 2nd place, older adolescents over 72kg – 1st place
  • 2011, The Moravian Championship, older adolescents to 72kg - 3rd place 
  • 2010, The Czech Republic Championship (younger adolescents over 65kg) – 1st place + absolute winner 
  • 2010, GP Jalex Krnov – 3rd place 
  • 2010, Smartlabs Cup – 3rd place 
  • 2010, GP Ostrava – 1st place 

1) Can you tell us something about your beginnings?
I started to focus on bodybuilding when I was 14. I was so excited when I bought a first pair of weights with my own money and started to train regularly. Eventhough I had no idea about the right diet nor about the weight training I was 100% sure that I want to do this. That was the reason why I gave my best to each training since the day one.
I fell in love with the weight lifting. For me, it was something that made sense and the idea of having a defined body motivated me and kept me going. I signed up to the Jalex Team Krnov during 6 months and I was getting ready for my first competition – The Czech Republic Junior Championship 2010 – in which I won. This success was the breaking point for me and it gave me the strenght for the upcoming years. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 I also won the Czech Republic Junior Championship. In 2014 I had to postpone the preparation for the Junior World Championship in Mexico because of my school-leaving exam but I still managed to win the second place.

2) What is your experience with NUTREND and their products?
I have tried a lot of products like BCAA instant, Deluxe 100% Whey protein, Explosin, Compress Fever and more. My favourite ones are Deluxe and Excelent protein bars. All the products work well for me and also taste so good. The company offers a huge range of products which is great because you can choose exactly what you need.

3) What is your favourite NUTREND product and why?
I really like Explosin. It’s a pre-workout supplement that I was using before the competition. It helped me with the energy and I was able to concetrate and train with the higher intensity. I still use it during the preparation and my performance is noticeably better and that’s exactly what I want.

4) Tell us something about the preparation for the competition…
Thanks to me working as a trainer in Olympia Fitness in Opatov I am able to train twice a day and that helps a lot. I can focus more on every part of my body and train with the higher intensity. My training sessions are shorter so I don’t have to be afraid of being over-trained.
I enjoy training my weak spots because I love seeing the progress. Lately I have been more focused on training my back and arms and I can already see the results. My workout routine is very varied and I place a great emphasis on the technique.

5) How does your diet look like before the competition?
I have a very fast metabolism so my diet contains a lot of calories during the muscle-mass preparation. I try to eat at least 1000g of carbohydrates. Most of them are the complex carbohydrates from rice, oat flakes and pasta. I fill in the rest of them with fruit or something sweet. I try to keep the proteins around 2.5g per 1kg of the body weight. The majority of my daily protein intake is from beef, eggs, cottage cheese and whey protein. I don’t control fats during the preparation but I try to avoid the low-fat products.
I start my diet 10 or 12 weeks before the competition but it depends on the shape I’m in. The biggest change for me is that I completely leave out the simple carbohydrates and I eat more vegetable, rice or buckwheat which is the complex carbohydrates source. In the next phase I begin to reduce the carbohydrates and increase the proteins. The last phase of the preparation (about 5-6 weeks before the competition) is about the proteins but that depends on my form and also on time that I have left.

6) What are your goals?
I would like to point out that you can achieve great results without doping but you have to work hard. Another goal is to gain more of the muscle mass. I also want to compete, be successful and represent the bodybuilding.


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