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International Milk Chocolate Day

International Milk Chocolate Day

Datum: 26.7. 2021

28. 7. is International Milk Chocolate Day. The Aztecs already claimed chocolate as an effective remedy against exhaustion and weakness.

Chocolate has a beneficial effect on the human body not only for its delicious taste profile, but also for its calming effects. Sweet taste is one of the basic tastes and therefore should not be excluded from the diet. We just need to learn to satisfy her in a healthier way. Therefore, it is best to learn to eat healthy, with taste and without remorse. Nutrend bars are not just any snack, it is a taste pleasure, because it combines various tempting flavors from the highest quality ingredients with top technology. During production, we use first-class coatings from leading Czech suppliers CARLA and TOPNATUR. An unmistakable sign of quality is the high content of cocoa solids, both in the bitter and milk chocolate topping in selected flavors of Nutrend bars.