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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Ice Valdaice 2020

Ice Valdaice 2020

Datum: 9.3. 2020

For the fourth year in a row on Defender of the Fatherland Day, winter run lovers gathered in the cozy city of Valdai to conquer difficult distances along Valdai Lake, enjoy beautiful nature and a real Russian winter. More than 500 participants from 16 regions of Russia, as well as guests from the Czech Republic and Germany, gathered to check their physical shape and character.

The scenic race route ran along the boundless icy desert of Valdai Lake and partly through a fabulous, winter forest. All the diversity of winter nature is collected in one unique place. Participants overcame a choice of three distances of 10, 21 or 42 km, as well as a separate standings, it was possible to take part in the pair relay race and run 42 km for two. All race finishers received commemorative medals as well as certification from the ITRA International Trailing Runners Association.
Winners and prize winners of the 10 km distance:
Men - Women

1st place - Komel Alexander 44:28 1st place - Agafonova Ekaterina 54:07
2nd place - Ermokhin Mikhail 46:36 2nd place - Nesterova Irina 55:25
3rd place - Alexey Rusakov 50:45 3rd place - Ekaterina Shaldysheva 57:29

Winners and prize winners of the 21 km race:
Men - Women

1st place - Dmitry Egorov 1:44:18 1st place - Vasyutina Lyudmila 2:04:18
2nd place - Alexander Raikov 1:45:26 2nd place - Anna Ivashchenko 2:05:36
3rd place - Nikolai Prokudin 1:53:57 3rd place - Anna Panteleeva 2:06:21

Winners of the 42 km race:
Men - Women

1st place - Alexei Shorokhov 3:42:19 1st place - Zakharova Kunney 5:07:07
2nd place - Vladislav Satarov 3:43:33 2nd place - Tatyana Maslova 5:25:31
3rd place - Starkov Stanislav 3:48:49 3rd place - Dergunova Carolina 5:29:07

Winners and prize-winners of the Relay:

1st place - Yanina Anastasia / Balin Sergey 3:57:33
2nd place - Suponeva Inna / Petrishchev Maxim 4:14:49
3rd place - Elena Fedorova / Sergey Terentev 4:18:38