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I am stronger than ever

I am stronger than ever

Datum: 31.10. 2018

Just like the last year, even this time I am in preparation for the Autumn master season. Last year, on November 11th, I fulfilled my sports dream when I received the Classic Bodybuilding World Champion title in Roumania.

It was an incredible experience which during the years I have been in the bodybuilding field showed that if we are really dedicated to something day by day, we can reach the dreamy results. It only depends on our hard work, patience, and politeness, because even the strongest man can get easily tired when using a blunt ax.
My current prep again leads to the World Championship but only with a slight difference. In comparison to last years which I spent competing in junior category (up to 23 years), now I finally move amongst men which for me is a completely new full stage and a great motivation in one time. Damn, I am a man now, and so I have to work out like a man, to think like a man and be a way more hungry!
Only a few last days left until the World Championship. In two weeks I will be standing on the stage with the best guys, who desire for success as I do. Sometimes I feel like my energy reached the bottom line and my inner instincts want to resist the hard workouts and diet. But I can’t let that happen. My brain gives my body clear orders what is happening now. Because the feeling of victory, the victory over yourself, tastes better than the delicious spaghetti bolognese in fresh tomatoes sauce and maybe even better than your Grandma’s strawberry dumplings!
Now, I am finishing writing, my workout starts in just a few minutes so I need to energize myself with the monstrous N1 pre-workout so I can perform the best possible way. Next time I visit the huge complex NUTREND World after I come back from the World Championship, I will be even stronger than the last time. And those of you who do not know what I am talking about, go and visit NUTREND World. It is a quite high chance you have never seen such a forged gym.